Saturday Night @Helen’s

29th October 2017

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday we spent the evening at Helen’s new place in Liberty Grove. The area seems pretty nice and it also has a tennis court. Fong managed to play a bit before heading to a bucks, while Jacky & Jia played for another hour or two. The rest of us relaxed with some cheese, olives & crackers back at home.

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A bark a day, keeps the scarred (for life) away

6th February 2009

Dear Chibi,
I headed out the door this morning like every other morning. However, something caught my eye as I approached my front gate.. a dog, a very big massive dog. It didn’t have a leash..and no owner in sight. We made eye contact. I paused..oh my goodness.. how was I suppose to make it through the gate with a dog there?? I made a small step forward, but the dog went barking mad and started walking towards me. I needed to find a way to get pass quick..or I’ll miss my train! I tried to remain calm and thought that if I just ignored it, and walked out casually it’ll just leave me alone instead of looking suspicious. Okay, I’m gonna do it! I approached the gate once again, but ..!! The dog started growling and RUNNING towards the gate! What was I suppose to do? RUNNN?? I opened the gate and put a foot out but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make my escape. I quickly retrieved and practically slammed the gate in the dogs face =_=;; I feared it was going to jump over the gate and get me, so I didn’t dare look back. I turned my back to it and power-walked quickly back to my house door. After a few barking and growling, it disappeared. Phew. I’m saved!

I continued on my usual journey to work and didn’t see the dog again. I have a’s my neighbour’s dog =__=..I don’t know.

What I’ve always wondered is, what do you do when you notice a dog without a leash or owner around, and you get its attention? What if it’s not one of those tiny cutesy dogs, but a big, angry looking one showing off it’s teeth, ready to jump at you? Do you make a run for it? Can it run faster than you? I’ve always been told never run when you see a dog.. so do you just walk pass it thinking it won’t bite? Even if you are an animal lover, but how does the animal know that? Just because you love dogs in general, doesn’t make you immune to bites and whatnot..unless I’m missing something? Is there something dog lovers know about dogs that I need to know about? Or do dog lovers/owners not care about getting bitten?