US Trip Part 7: Disney World, Orlando

26th December 2017

Part 1: Los Angeles & Coastal Drive
Part 2: Exploring San Francisco
Part 3: NBA Warriors Game
Part 4: Pier 39, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz
Part 5: Las Vegas
Part 6: The Grand Canyon

Dear Chibi,

We woke up really early for our drive to Phoenix Airport. We end up seeing lots of cactus! Just when I thought we wouldn’t see any this trip :’D

Getting from Williams to Phoenix to Orlando took almost an entire day & with the timezone difference, we arrived in time for dinner ^_^” That’s one day gone.
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The Japanese Experience. Final

3rd March 2008

Dear Chibi,

I’ve reached Part 3 of the Japan Experience! There’s really only 2 more places I want to blog about, one being Tokyo’s Disneyland =) Previously I’ve only been to the one in Hong Kong and thought it was a bit small but still good. This one is MASSIVE. We spent a whole day there and still couldn’t get around to all 7 lands. There were a lot of people that day too and it wasn’t a weekend or any special day. According to the tour guide, it’s only 1/4 amount of the usual.


In total, we went on about 10 rides/shows which I thought were mostly very amusing. I loved Fantasyland..Peter Pan’s Flight was magical! OMG I feel like I’m in a dream- flying over London’s night city on a boat. I can’t put any rides properly into words.. you just have to experience it for yourself! It’s also hard (or impossible) to take pictures while on the rides too.


Snow White & Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty & Prince Charming, Bell and..Prince Charming XD I think they have names @.@ lol.

I loved all the princesses anyway, so preeetty @.@

buzz.jpg balloons.jpg

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