A quick L doodle

26th December 2007

Dear Chibi,

Here’s something I hastily whacked together for no real particular reason (so don’t steal XD). I haven’t done anime fanart in quite a while…but here’s L from the manga Death Note.


Earlier today I was browsing through a friend’s site and saw that she did some Death Note fanart lately. I got curious and wondered if it was hard to do so I tried it out myself.. hmm.. I think it turned out quite decent for something so quick- but as you can see I got really lazy with the detail and colour ^_^; I almost feel ashamed doing a ‘fanart’ with so little effort x.x Oh wells, I treat it as more practice with the wacom tablet =)

Death Note 2, The Last Name

21st November 2007


Dear Chibi,

I don’t quite know what to say about this movie. It seems like characters have been ‘dumbed-down’ so the cases were easier and quicker to solve (for the purpose of fitting the whole story in) Yet, its because characters are suppose to be very smart that makes Death Note clever. It was a bit better than the first movie, but I just gave up hope on Light… again, poor choice of actor.

I liked watching Misa and L interact in this scene, though it made L less…. wise. I think things went too easy for them.



They did an o-kayish job shortening the story, but somehow it felt longer than the events in the anime. I blame poor directing. You would think by cutting it down shorter everything would be more fast-paced.

There are a few bits I did like though, not to bag out the movie too much. I was interested in seeing how they can pull off the same ending without characters like Mello or Near appearing. I think it worked in some ways…

Anyways, I don’t want to say too much to spoil the story for anyone who does intend to watch this. I’ll finish off with two characters I liked:



L change the WorLd

20th November 2007

Dear Chibi,

L.. I knew you looked familiar! I only just realised that Kenichi Matsuyama also acted in the NANA movie, as Shinichi Okazaki…lol.. how come I didn’t see that until now? Goodness, it’s so obvious now ^^; I have yet to finish the 2nd Movie of Death Note ’cause I watched half way and then had friends over last time (and..got a little bored) Will continue it some time soon though. There’s also some news on another…Death Note Movie?

shin.jpg l.jpg

“L change the WorLd,” the movie, which opens on February 9, covers the final 23 days of L (played by Kenichi Matsuyama), which is not part of the original manga or films. To create the story, producers turned to a well-known author, who at the time had not yet read the original work.

The writer is not attaching his or her name to the novel; instead, it will be published under the name of “M.” The name is said to be symbolic, referring to “where those who have used the Death Note go,” which is “nothingness” (“mu”).

The novel version reportedly includes many scenes that do not appear in the film.

Watch the trailer

the horror of Death Note Movie 1

15th November 2007


Dear Chibi,

O.M.G… The live action Movie for Death Note is.. UNBEARABLE. It is TERRIBLE!!!! It makes Death Note look really really really bad and cheesy >< Do not watch it unless you are, well, prepared ^^; When my bro and Jacky both warned me it was going to be bad, I prepared for the worst.. it was worse than I imagined. Not only was it altered DRAMATICALLY from the original.. the directing and acting was terrible (did anyone notice there was close to no soundtrack??) . There was really lack of effort to make the characters look and behave like the characters should. Come on.. our main character Light.. LOOKS DUMB! He’s suppose to be intelligent and good looking… I don’t see any of that in him. I’m serious.. how can anyone think he is anything else but an immature idiot?!
One good thing about the movie is Ryuk (he looks very scary) but that’s how he looks… downside is, he is a little out-of-character. What happened to his famous line.. “juicy”? XD I was disappointed about that.


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End of DeathNote?

15th November 2007

Dear Chibi,

OMG!!!!!! Death Note is totally AWESOME. I finished watching the last couple of episodes today, and it was just..mind blowing. wow. This is seriously good watch.
What to do now..? Watch the Live Action? Read the manga? I’ll probably need some time off or something and let it all sink in my head..hehe. I’m pretty satisfied with the ending, and grew to like N after a while (love the little toys he plays with)- favorite character has to go to L though ^^



On an unrelated note, I’ve “finished” my animation project this morning as deadline is tomorrow.. and well, I told myself I couldn’t watch Death Note until I finished it, so it’s “finished” ^^;

day of deathnote

14th November 2007

Dear Chibi,

aha.. if you didn’t know previously.. you would now know that when Chibi watches anime, she watches a lot on one sitting. Therefore, the series has to be good in order for her interest to be maintained. Chibi is currently up to episode 29, which means she watched about 18 episodes today though it’s possible she will watch more later tonight. The story is too clever and she’s constantly thinking that the author must have been some genius to come up with it. It’s SO intriguing.

It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes from here and how it’ll end. omg, it’s crazy.

P.S It should be noted that the same date last year Chibi went on a Inuyasha Marathon, whee… must be a trend.

deathnote meeting expectation

13th November 2007

Dear Chibi,

Well this series is as good as everyone has been saying- it’s very clever. I’ve watched the first 11 episodes today..which is about..a little less than 1/3 of the series. This anime is an interesting one.. I couldn’t really decide who’s side to be on at first, but then it became more apparent. L looks funny..hehe, plus he really grows on you ^^;;
I was freaked out by the Death God at the beginning but then I just got use to it overtime…

Let’s SMASH!

19th August 2007

Dear Chibi,

SMASH was good, and went beyond my expectation. I think they did a pretty good job on this event and the roundhouse was filled! Go promos. Today I dressed in EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) style and Kaz cosplayed as Tifa- that was fun =) Jacky, Kaz, Mark and I went around checking out the cosplays, stalls, the artist alley, panel, games but actually started the day with “Anime Dating game”. It had a funny concept, but the questions went on for a bit too long and I lost interest. A male cross-dressing as Tomoyo was a bit too much for me ^^; There’s more to it but some things are best left unsaid.
I thought “Cosplay Chess” was one highlight of the day..it was so amusing!! I can’t believe only Tifa (Kaz), the pawn was left with Pegasus (King).. that was hilarious. I thought there was a lot of interaction between the audience, chess pieces (the cosplayers) and the chess players. Good stuff… still can’t believe they lost though. During this event I missed out on “Iron Artist” which happened on the same time…oh wells.
The “Barrel Game” was a little depressing…lol…missed a chance at obtaining the barrel (lost in the game of rock, scissors, paper XD) During the day we bumped into Newway and Alex, M12-Emily-Meeko, Peggy, Cabbage, Kabuki, Blox, a bunch of UNSW Anime Club members, Mark’s friends and Kazzy’s friends (did I miss anyone?) It was good to see them ^_^

We saw the Ouran Host Club, but didn’t really go in and sit down… the Maid Cafe had a maid, which was alright..there may have been more earlier on…I hope. We went out of kenso and had lunch at a Noodle House and got some hot stuff to eat. When we came back it was time for some entertainment at the main stage with the live dubbing, the skits and various games. I think the MCs were really good here.. much more entertaining than ones at Animania (who didnt seem to have much clue of anime)… these guys were funny and very good with improvisation- at least I was entertained.

The artist alley had some original work, some yaoi and some fanart. Some were impressive but I’m not sure if I got inspired or not. I went to SMASH intending to learn a few things at the panels, but wasn’t actually in the mood on the day. My my.. was that expected? =p

Now onto the Cosplay Competition! There were quite a lot of cosplayers, but the most popular this year had to be DEATH NOTE. A lot of Death Note appeared on stage and I’m not surprised considering its pretty popular.. Death Note was also screened during the day. There were quite a few anime I wasn’t familiar with but the costumes were nice to look at nevertheless. So glad Peggy end up cosplaying as Lulu again.. she was so cool >_< Ones from Final Fantasy this year were Songstress Yuna and Lenne and FFX Rikku.

I probably forgot to mention some things since I’m a bit sleepy at the moment. Overall.. I think this can be a substitute for Animania. It has more events, is a lot cheaper and the fandom is still there. I think people who didn’t go to SMASH this year should consider it next year anyway :)

Afterwards we headed home for dinner and watched 2 movies before Jacky left. ah.. need to sleep and be refreshed for some hard work tomorrow!