Marcus’s DOOM LAN Party

17th March 2013

Dear Chibi,

Marcus organised a DOOM LAN Party @ City Hunter to celebrate his 27th Birthday this year (and the 20th Anniversary of his beloved game, DOOM) XD


A Free For All…


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Rayfy’s Christmas Eve Party

24th December 2012

Dear Chibi,

Rayfy invited us over to his place on Christmas Eve for some Xmas Party fun. It turned out to be an extremely hot day, so we were sweating heaps! I spent most of the night playing Table Tennis with Jacky, Somps and Burpy~ just like the old COFA days :D~ It was super nostalgic and a lot of fun for us ^_^ It played out just like the old comic strip Burpy made (I’m the one with the short hair XD)


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Trip to Adelaide

7th January 2012

Dear Chibi,

The 8 of us (Jacky, Burpy, Ray, MZ, Emily, Meeko, Mel and I) have spent the last couple of days exploring the city of Adelaide. Now you’re probably wondering the same thing I was: What’s there to do in Adelaide? Well, read on and find out :D

Day 1:
We met up nice and early at the Sydney domestic airport for our 6.45am Virgin flight. However, Emily and the girls arrived late which lead to the others all missing their flight since she had their plane tickets >.< Jacky and I boarded the plane first and decided to meet up with them in Adelaide later in the day. Thankfully they were able to catch the next flight 2 hours later, so it wasn’t too bad. The flight was a short one, no food on plane but at least there was a screen to watch some TV. There is a 30 minute timezone difference between Sydney and Adelaide, which didn’t really affect us.

Upon arriving, we had some breakfast at Hungry Jacks before catching a shuttle bus to our holiday house at Angas Court :) Looking out the window, the streets of Adelaide weren’t too exciting to be honest. It feels like a small old town with a tiny population (1.2 million, compared to 4.6 million in Sydney).

The holiday house at Angas Court was nice and cosy. A little small compared to the place we stayed at Nelson’s Bay, but I liked it anyway :) The arrangements were quite pretty and had a very homely feel. There were beds for 6 in total, with Burpy and MZ sleeping on the couch downstairs.

After the others arrived, we spent the day checking out the city and visiting neighbouring places.

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Emily’s 23rd ‘Out-of-Character’ Birthday

18th July 2010

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday we celebrated Emily’s 23rd Birthday with some Out-of-character fun :D Like most of her other birthdays, there’s usually a theme to it; last year was “fob” and this time it’s the “OOC”. The funny thing about this party was that originally we were supposed to wear what she allocated for us. It was a April fools joke back then, but how funny would it be to see Burpy as Hello Kitty and Marcus as a flamboyant gay guy?  XDD

We met up at World Square around 5pm but most of them were late (birthday girl included :p) so we ended up going to Sydney Karoake for an hour and a half or so.

Birthday girl as a gipsy, Meeko as gothic lolita, Flora as a punk, Etta as.. a smart business lady?

Jacky as Jackie Chan (lol), MZ as a thug, Chibi as a cowgirl, Somps as a punk/goth, Burpy as a bum in a suit 8D

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