Wallace Huo & Hu Ge ~ Winter Bromance

23rd February 2016

Dear Chibi,

I’m almost 29 and I can’t stop fangirling over Wallace Huo!! *A*

I also love his on and off-screen chemistry with fellow co-star Hu Ge from Chinese Paladin 3. They recently did a photo shoot together in Hokkaido for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar China- “Winter Valentines”. I need this *cough* 8D



AHHHHHHHHHH :3 *drools*


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Chinese Paladin Piano

21st May 2012

Dear Chibi,

Omg. I just stumbled onto Burpy’s youtube channel today and found this waiting for me. Thanks so much for playing this for my birthday!! ahhh I love these two themesongs so much T_T

Chinese Paladin 3 Chibi Dolls: Tang Xue Jian & Long Kui

11th March 2012

Dear Chibi,

Today I worked on two new Chibi Dolls of Tang Xue Jian and Long Kui, characters from Chinese Paladin 3 (drama). 2 years ago, I made a set with Zixuan in her various outfits. You can find them here. I’ve been meaning to draw Xue Jian for a while now (for a years actually) because I love her outfit.. it’s so pretty and pink and girlie and dressy XD Needless to say I really enjoyed drawing her :)

Tang Xue Jian Chibi Doll

Tang Xue Jian

Long Kui Chibi Doll

Long Kui

This isn’t the first time I’ve drawn Long Kui, but back then I hadn’t even seen the drama XD You can find my old painting of her here. Long Kui wasn’t as fun to draw, mainly because her character design didn’t appeal to me as much. I like drawing characters with a fringe but she doesn’t have one, lol. Just personal preference.

Chinese Paladin 3 Chibi

And.. a group shot with all three ladies~ United after 2 years XD If you like these Chibi Dolls, you may like to check out other sets I’ve made:  XianJian 5, Sailor Moon, No Regrets (TVB) and Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Xian Jian 5 (Chinese Paladin 5 Game) Chibi Dolls

3rd July 2011

Dear Chibi,
Just in time for the XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5 game release in July 07, 2011- I’ve completed a set of ‘Chibi Dolls’ of the four main leads: , , and .XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5 Chibi Dolls

Chibi Doll Jiang Yun Fan

Jiang Yun Fan was probably the easiest to draw out of the four, since his outfit was relatively straight forward (well..compared to the others!) I found it strange that both his shoes were different, but I guess no one likes things in pairs anymore :p

Chibi Doll Tang Yu Rou

Tang Yu Rou was the first of the set I drew. I really like her character design, especially the petal dress. I had a fun time drawing her :) This one is dedicated to a lovely person.

Chibi Doll Long You

Long You was rather tedious to draw, lol. His outfit is really confusing and it was a little hard finding a good reference image since most of them were slightly on an angle. I like how it turned out though, his hair was kinda fun to draw too.

Chibi Doll Xiao Man

Xiao Man..why are you so adorable? She turned out to be my favourite chibi doll (beating Tang Yu Rou by a teeeny weeeny bit). I don’t know, but she came out way better than I thought. I had a lot of trouble getting her hair shape right with the bandana. Her outfit may appear simple but it’s very very detailed! There’s a lot of texture /beads and colours on the fabric. Her hair piece was also good fun to draw :)

And…I guess that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed looking at them :}

Liu Shi Shi as Long Kui (Chinese Paladin 3)

31st January 2010

Dear Chibi,

Today I decided to practice and brush up my digital painting skills. I’m an amateur when it comes to lighting and colour; as you can see in the work below. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I randomly did a portrait drawing of Liu Shi Shi as Long Kui from Chinese Paladin 3. I haven’t watched it yet and I have no idea who Liu Shi Shi is, but she has a pretty face so there you go :D

I spent the most time and effort on her face, and got pretty lazy by the end of it and quickly rushed the hair and clothes x_x I tend to do that a lot which is really bad. It’s not complete but it will probably stay incomplete.

Long Kui Close Up

The hardest aspect is still the skin tones and to blend them together well. Right now you can clearly see blobs of paint >_< This is still something that boggles my mind..how to do it? @__@

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Pureness ~Zhao Linger

13th December 2008

Dear Chibi,



Sketch of my favourite Chinese RPG character, Zhao Ling Er from XianJian QiXia Zhuan.

I’ve been wanting to do a sketch of her for aggggges… just never got around to it. I didn’t use any references for this, so I may have forgotten the finer details.
She was pretty fun to draw =)