Magic with David Copperfield

8th August 2009

Dear Chibi,

Jacky bought tickets to see *MAGIC* with David Copperfield -“An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion“  at the Acer Arena, Sydney Olympic Park :}


I’ve never been to a magic show before and I love magic, so I was very thrilled and excited! I must admit though I had no idea who David Copperfield was until Jacky told me about it ^^; He is one awesome magician!  No flying, but he did do some amazing tricks which still leaves me pondering and pondering XD A whole car suddenly appeared on stage out of no where, sitting on some poles in the air O___o Then there’s one where 13 people sitting on the stage suddenly all disappeared in a flash and ended up at the back of the room…..WWWHHHAAA??? XD It’s amazing! Every trick he performs seems a bit suspiciuous though~ or maybe I’m just skeptical.I keep wondering where the strings are attached and where he secretly makes his escape from concealed boxes XD There was one performance where I just couldn’t believe my eyes- I thought I was watching a movie with 3D animation! There were DANCING TIES in the middle of the air, moving along with the music @____@ I keep thinking I see strings attached to them like a puppet, but then I don’t know if I really see the strings, or if it’s just my imagination- that’s when it gets confusing!

Seeing is believing…? Yeah. XD I don’t mind if I never find out how he does it, because that makes it special and mysterious =)


No photography was allowed, but here’s a pic I took before the show started :} This is the view we got- pretty good seats!!

Copperfield was also very entertaining- he sure knows how to keep his audience entertained. Ah, will never forget this performance ^_^