My 30th Birthday Glamping

23rd May 2017

Dear Chibi,

I’ve officially reached the big 3-0! Also, a big happy birthday to my twinbee Kaz :)

My 30th Birthday Glamping

My 30th Birthday Glamping

My 30th Birthday Glamping

I had the most amazing & memorable birthday, and although it’s a little sad to say goodbye to my 20s, I’m thankful for everything that’s happened in my life. Thank you Hubbiana for spoiling me silly and making me feel extra special <3

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A week in Tassie Part 3 (Final): Launceston

28th November 2015

A week in Tasmania Part 1: Hobart
A week in Tassie Part 2: Coles Bay & Freycinet

Dear Chibi,

It was time for our final stretch to Launceston (and final blog entry for this trip)!


The drive was another 2 hours. We made a brief stop at Campbell Town which was in the middle of Launceston & Freycinet (And because Hubby was so obsessed with the name Campbell Town ;D)

Campbell Town





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A week in Tassie Part 2: Coles Bay & Freycinet

26th November 2015

A week in Tasmania Part 1: Hobart

Dear Chibi,

We started the day with some breakfast at Jackman & McRoss before leaving for the east coast.



Freshly brewed chai milk tea with honey



Scallop and Seaweed Pie ~ very interesting taste!


Bacon and scrambled eggs focaccia


..And with that, it was time to say good bye to Hobart :)

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A week in Tasmania Part 1: Hobart

25th November 2015

Dear Chibi,

For our one year wedding anniversary, Hubby and I flew down to Tasmania where we spent 7 days exploring this beautiful little island, making our way up from Hobart to Launceston!


Maccas for breakfast @Sydney Airport. I would like 3 sugars with that please!

The flight was quick and painless, in a mere 1.5 hour we had arrived in Hobart (I beat the first level of Super Hexagon, woo~ go me!) We picked up our rental car and got a free upgrade for it ~ yay, lucky us :D


Unfortunately it was raining on the first day so we didn’t do too much. We explored the CBD and checked-in to our hotel at Bay View Villas, where we stayed for 2 nights.


Lunch @Sakura Sushi (but I decided to go for good old Chinese Soy Chicken Noodles XP)


We found the prices of food here to be generally quite expensive. On average a simple meal would cost you $25 a person excluding a drink. But hey, Tassie is kind of a touristy place and we are in Australia so we just came to accept it as the norm 8D


At around 8pm, the sun was still shining outside. Hubby and I started to look for a place for dinner and were quite surprised a lot of the restaurants were already closing! Dai pinchie XD! 

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Snow, Hot Springs & Wilderness – Blue Mountains Getaway

21st July 2015

Dear Chibi,

This past weekend Hubby and I spent 2 days and 1 night up near the Blue Mountains for a little winter getaway :) A few days earlier, we heard there were several road closures due to ice and snow(!), but luckily it didn’t affect us at all. In fact, there was basically no traffic, woo! We made a short stop at Maccas for breakfast, before heading up towards Katoomba. The higher we went, the lower the temperature. This was way exciting!


We stopped by Black Heath where we finally saw snow! YAAAAY! It was around 4 degrees here.






After our snow fun, we did some sight seeing and bush walking down Govetts Leap. We only saw 1 person along the way, so it was a really peaceful walk :D It started off very misty, but the more we descended, the clearer everything became.

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Cicada filled Adventure @ Blue Mountains

8th October 2013

Dear Chibi,

Jacky and I drove up to the Blue Mountains over the weekend where we stayed for 2 nights.  We’ve been here several times in the past, but never in spring~ and boy were we in for a surprise! It turns out it’s the cicada’s breeding season and the entire mountains was filled with billions of cicadas camping on the top of trees. The noise was insane!  I have never heard of that many cicadas in my life. It was so loud that it hurt our ears. Thankfully after I put my hat on, it blocked out half the sound. Poor Jacky had to hear it at 100% volume ^^”



We went for a bush walk down the trails of Wentworth Falls. As we descended lower into the mountains, the noises reduced drastically. Thank goodness! I didn’t actually see any cicadas until we reached the top again. THEY ARE RIDICULOUSLY UGLY D: Don’t worry, there are no photos of any posted on this blog. I prefer to never see one in my life again. EWWW T.T [Read More]

Blue Mountains Weekend

14th June 2011

Dear Chibi,
Spending the long weekend away with Jacky over at the Blue Mountains sure was relaxing. It was pretty cold though with the temperature around 6-7 degrees, with a cloudy and drizzly forecast. A lot of the time it reminded me of our snow trip, without the snow though and plenty of mist :3 whhoooosh.

We first gave Steve a visit (a workmate of Jacky’s) who happily showed us around his house & beautiful garden. The dedication they’ve put into renovating their garden is amazing…  it’s no wonder they seemed so proud of their work. Steve and his partner were both really really friendly, and they cooked us a delicious meal! :DD Yuum. Their house was well kept, tidy and cosy! So much awesome in this place.

Yummy lunch

After recommending us places to visit, Jacky and I set off for some bush walking on the Valley of the Water’s Track. The mountain view was pretty amazing and we felt the mist/fog actually added more to it than took away.

It was a great walk and as we journeyed down the mountain it seemed to get greener and brighter!

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Jacky’s 23rd Mountain Climbing + Indian

9th May 2010

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday to celebrate Jacky’s 23rd, the 8 of us went to climb Mt Solitary over at the Blue Mountains :)! We got up nice and early and met up together for a 8am take-off (and stocking up on some lunch). The weather was really nice which made the walk rather enjoyable. The walk itself takes 5 hours but my main concern lied in the lack of toilets!  XD

The Mountain climbers + Ray the camera man :)

The walk was pretty challenging!! When we started to descend down the mountains, I was pretty slow and couldn’t quite catch up with the others. I don’t know how they do it, but they walk so fast!! XD I slipped once and twisted my leg but the rest was okay because Jacky became my handle ^^

Taking a short break as poor Floz tries to catch her breath

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Blue Mountains

9th January 2010

Dear Chibi,

Today Jacky and I along with Mum and Dad went to the Blue Mountains for the day. I haven’t been there since Primary School, and that was the only time I’ve ever been there.  I do have some memories of it though from pictures. See, pictures are the best. XD I also vaguely remember sitting in the car heading there and puking, lol. It’s only a 1.5hrs drive, so geez I must suck, haha! That time we went with Henry’s family along with Eddie..and in the car I was sitting in the middle with both Kaz and Eddie leaning on me- how was I suppose to move, aye? lol. I also recall walking in some cave, but I never knew that was Jenolan Caves until today. It would have been nice to check that out too- but yeh, got tired and eheeh…

I wonder if I can dig up a photo to share? *goes off to look through old photo albums*

Kaz, Eddie and Me

A photo of the photo ^_^ hehe, Eddie is so cute. (Kaz left, Chibi right)

Me with *pinchable*Jacky at the Three Sisters

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Zen Oasis Trip & Bushwalking!

5th April 2009

Dear Chibi,

Jacky organised for the group of us to head down(?) to Berrima for a Vegetarian buffet at Zen Oasis– a vegetarian garden restaurant ! It was fabulous!  We left Jacky’s place around 10.20am and got there exactly at 11.30am in time for the meal =D It looked like it was in the middle of no-where, it was just this one restaurant in the middle of the bush! That made it really awesome though :3 haha.

When we first went in, the guy said to Jacky “Please pay at the counter, and the rest of your family may be seated at the table” lol, the family comment sparked quite  a lot of jokes for the day. This is now our  “family”, which we agreed is an Asian one XD

Jacky- Dad
Chibi- Mum
Burpy – Oldest Son
Flora (older) & Emily – Twins
MZ- 4th Child
Ray- 12 year Old Son, the youngest.
Somps- Chibi’s older sister (their Aunty)
M12- Jacky’s older brother (their Uncle)

Halil + Matty – Our “family friends” LOL. We concluded they were  a bit more distant  (non-Asians, lol), and only occasionally turn up to functions XD




My first plate :3 Lots of tofu and bean curd skin stuff there! I’m always fascinated by the “fake” meat ^^;



Group shot before we left, the waitresses there were all very polite, good service I say~

Now outside we go!

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