cBsM Bowling & Karaoke Day

23rd June 2015

Dear Chibi,

On Sunday I hung out with my gaming buddies with some good old bowling at Harbourside. Coincidentally, we played on the same bowling lane as we did two and a half years ago. Good good fun. Unfortunately just like last time, I came out with the lowest score…. HOW TERRIBLE ;p Out of 2 games, I only managed 1 strike..and 1 spare. Maybe next time Chibi…. u_u




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cBsM’s Day Out

28th December 2012

Dear Chibi,

Just a fun day of bowling and karaoke with cBsM :D Oh, and the foodie at ‘Fat Noodle’ @ The Star is awesome~ nom nom nom..



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Mz’s 22nd- Laser Skirmish + Bowling!

25th October 2008

Dear Chibi,

Today we celebrated MZ’s 22nd birthday with a game of laser skirmish and bowling @ Villawood! The laser skirmish was really exciting. It was my first time experiencing it and I must say it was really fun =D You get to run around in a dark room with guns 8D. Too bad it was very short.. felt like 5 minutes, lol. I did shoot a few people, but then I got shot so much more that my score ended back at 0…hahah.. sad. Some of the guys missed out on this one since they arrived late (they live across the other side of the world). We had some light snacks while waiting for the others for bowling. It’s a shame I’m still recovering from the cold so I wasn’t able to eat much of those fatty and unhealthy food XD But I was on my best behaviour and wasn’t tempted by them. =)

Then of course, came bowling- my FAVORITE game.


I mean look at us! Our teams are awesome… we all got strikes in the 3rd and 4th rounds!!


not. XD What sometimes happens is that the scores go a bit funny…yes, the score system stuffed up and no matter what you got, it would say you got a strike (except Floz, who actually got a strike got “missed” XD) It was very very amusing but I really suck at it.

Oh no.. it’s going down the gutter again!

After bowling we stayed around for a little bit for some arcade games before heading off the MZ’s place. Jacky and I stayed till about 6.30pm and left for his Grandpa’s bday dinner! Very yummy yummy food..mmm.. XD


Thoroughly enjoyed the day =) Happy 22nd Birthday MZ! Thanks for organising it and generously paying for it all (you didn’t have to!)