Hubby’s Birthday at the Blue Mountains

15th May 2018

Dear Chibi,

Last Friday I celebrated Hubby’s 31st birthday over in the Blue Mountains. It happened to be really cold and windy that day (60km/h at 4 degrees) but we were prepared with our winter gear XD Upon arriving at Katoomba, we even got a glimpse of falling snow :D Ah, lucky!

We stopped by ‘Mountain High Pies’ for breakfast. The one pictured above is the ‘big breakfast pie’ which consisted of poached egg, bacon, sausage, home-made baked beans and chorizo topped with hollandaise sauce. What an appropriate name XD.

Grand Canyon Walking Track

We decided to go on the 6km Grand Canyon Walking Track since we haven’t been before. All up it took us 4 hours to complete including a break (with me walking at a granny pace ;D). The track was really pleasant and actually quite nice.

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Winter is coming..!

16th May 2017

Dear Chibi,

Last Saturday Hubby and I went up to Mt Wilson to see the colours of Autumn. Prime time would’ve been early April, but there’s something charming about leaves falling to the ground as well (as long as it’s not in your backyard, then there’s work to do! ;D)

We didn’t get to spend a lot of time here, but it was fun :) Next time we’ll bring a DSLR, hehe.

Mount Wilson Autumn leaves

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Hiking (and Poke Hunting) @Wentworth Falls

31st July 2016

Dear Chibi,

On this nice lovely Sunday, Hubby and I did some hiking over at the Blue Mountains :D Hubby woke up extra early this morning to make fresh sushi for lunch~ yummm. We did the trail at Wentworth Falls which took us about 3 hours including breaks. We also took the chance to see if there were any Pokemon in the area (Pokemon Go taking over our lives~ lol) Reception wasn’t that great, especially as we descended the mountains, so it’s not really practical (and kinda dangerous). We were surprised there were a few Poke Stops along the trail and even two gyms! Hubby and I battled at the red gym and left our Hypno and Snorlax there. It apparently got taken over tonight at around 7pm.. Someone actually went down the mountains after dark to play.. nuts ;p

I’m surprised I don’t feel tired at all :O Maybe all those steps I’ve been doing recently is paying off ohoho ;D There were more Pokemon to catch than I expected, though you wouldn’t come all the way here just for that. They’re pretty common ones you can find anywhere else. Still, it was a nice touch being able to see them here ^^

Snow, Hot Springs & Wilderness – Blue Mountains Getaway

21st July 2015

Dear Chibi,

This past weekend Hubby and I spent 2 days and 1 night up near the Blue Mountains for a little winter getaway :) A few days earlier, we heard there were several road closures due to ice and snow(!), but luckily it didn’t affect us at all. In fact, there was basically no traffic, woo! We made a short stop at Maccas for breakfast, before heading up towards Katoomba. The higher we went, the lower the temperature. This was way exciting!


We stopped by Black Heath where we finally saw snow! YAAAAY! It was around 4 degrees here.






After our snow fun, we did some sight seeing and bush walking down Govetts Leap. We only saw 1 person along the way, so it was a really peaceful walk :D It started off very misty, but the more we descended, the clearer everything became.

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