BBQ Saturday

1st November 2008

Dear Chibi,

Mum organised a BBQ today at the Auburn Botanical Gardens and I invited a couple of my friends to come along to plaayyy XD Despite the weather forecast saying possible showers, we went for it anyways with much much enthusiasm! =D. The weather didn’t turn out too bad, it was a little cool, a few little drizzles but nothing to make the ground muddy or any of us wet, so it turned out great!

As usual, Mum really has all the food prepared! It’s when the real adults are around, that we 20-something-year-olds feel like kids again XD We did start using the second BBQ thing though and had our own go at the cooking, which turned out great. It cooked faster than the other ones!



Today was also the first time Ray had introduced his girlfriend Florence, but I won’t say much about her since..well (*gasp*apparentlyshelurksaroundthisblog*gasp*) O_O That was a bit of a shocker… XD lol.

After the cooking and eating we went to plaaaay in the park! The yellow see-saw thingy was still the most entertaining! It was pretty funny having us all go on it (and..having some trouble getting on) Kaz and I are pretty much of equal weight, so we couldn’t get on it ourselves without some help (getting on, and off) ^^;;; Jacky, Markos and MZ had some crazy crazy swings, to the point we kept screaming cause it looked dangerous XD Then again, we shouldn’t have been so surprised since, boys will be boys.  Ray..was..well,….very light. haha.


Markos embarrassed by his two twisted sisters. 


How’s the weather up there??

aww.. we all fit into this little house!!! 

Every time we go to the Gardens, there’s usually a wedding being held here.. and guess what?? This time there were a few weddings! =D


And quite a few bird friends.. I think this is a Turkey. XD