Cofa BBQ Lunch @Somp’s

2nd December 2018

Dear Chibi,

Somps & Dong hosted an end of year BBQ catch up at their place with the Cofa crew. They made burgers for lunch and everyone brought in a dish to contribute.

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Newway’s Baby Shower

15th October 2018

Guess who’s having a baby?! :D

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday was our little Newway’s Baby Shower which was held at Village Green BBQ Area in Breakfast Point. I recognized quite a few faces from her Bachelorette party from a year ago. Hello again!
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Me & Hubby’s Joint Korean BBQ Birthday Dinner

21st May 2018

Dear Chibi,

Korean BBQ Birthday Dinner

Guess who’s over 30? 8D My birthday weekend begun on Saturday night with Korean BBQ @ O Bal Tan with the Cofa gang. It’s been a while since we’ve hung out with everyone, but birthdays bring us together ;D

Strawberry Watermelon Birthday Cake

~Mesmerizing~  *.*

Food was pretty good and super filling! I didn’t pay too much attention to what meat I was eating, I just had whatever Hubby/Emily/MZ put on my plate (which was plenty!) XD Here are some snaps from the night (Click on the photo for a larger view)

The guys got us a chopping board I mean, cheese serving board and a gift voucher for the Cheese & Wine Room. I will definitely blog the experience when we try it out some time ^_^ Thanks everyone!

After the meal, it was time for cake & birthday wish-making :D
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Anzac Day BBQ @Blaxland Riverside Park

25th April 2016

Dear Chibi,


Today we had a BBQ with the uni guys over at Blaxland Riverside Park. Not sure if it’s due to the public holiday (or if this is just the norm XD) but there were sooooOOo many people! Good thing Ray arrived early to save us a spot near the waterfront :D


It was a really really nice day! Somps and Dong also brought Yuki along so we spent a lot of time playing with her. To my surprise, I wasn’t afraid of Yuki at all this time :O I even took her for a walk (or more like she took me for a run :P)


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Merry Christmas~ 2015

26th December 2015

Dear Chibi,


This year Hubby and I celebrated Christmas with the cofa guys at Somps & Dong’s place :D



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Christmas & Boxing Day Family Time

27th December 2014

Dear Chibi,

This years Christmas was a two day affair.  Christmas Day was spent with Hubby’s family at Uncle Kevin’s house and Boxing Day was luncheon with my family at home :)





These two boys are the cutest things ever :3



Boxing Day BBQ

31st December 2011

Dear Chibi,

@ The Royal National Park in Waterfall

Christmas BBQ 2010

27th December 2010

Dear Chibi,

This year we celebrated Christmas by having a BBQ with uni friends at Bicentennial Park. Strangely, the entire park was filled with Asians. Is this  really an Asian thing to do? lol
Jacky arrived really early that morning to help us bag a good spot under shelter as tables are limited and with the forecast saying “Possible showers” (oh, lies XD) it was pretty important. Although it was organised in a really short period, it turned out really well :D We had plenty of food, great company and a lovely warm weather.

After eating, we spent the afternoon playing cards, Cranium, frisbee and tree climbing! By this time it was getting really hot so Ray graciously offered ice-cream at his place, yuuuum. We headed over there and had some good laughs watching Blastoise, Nintendo64 and a few other funnies ^^ Charlie…Charrrlliieeeee... hehehe.

Oh fun times :D

Family Christmas Dinner

BBQ at Michie’s Place

24th May 2009

Dear Chibi,

Michelle and her boyfriend Alex came back to Aussieland from Japan for 2 weeks, and since it’s been so long since we all ‘hung out’, we did a BBQ in her backyard :D What was different about this occasion was that Grandma was also able to join us outside (thanks to Jacky’s wheelchair!)


The ‘Kiddos’


Kiddos with Grands.

Earlier, Markos, Jacky and I played Guitar heroes, I was the drummer, Jacky the guitarist and Markos the Vocalist.. lol. We need to practice this a lot more! Well..Jacky probably doesn’t but we’re noobs! XD Fun fun though, ehehhee.

bbq@ Bicentennial Park with HS Pals

30th November 2008

Dear Chibi,

The weather forecast was spot on =) The weather was beautiful, despite thunderstorms and rain yesterday.

Jacky, Kaz and I headed to Bicentennial Park early-ish to bag the BBQ thing (and wow, the place was really really packed!) Lot of people seem to be having birthday or Christmas parties. Newway and Alex brought along most of the food at a later time, so we were all starving to death! When we looked at the amount they ended up buying, we thought we’d still be hungry by the end of it since it looked so little…. but then we were wrong! haahaha… we were so full.

Here’s some piccies from the day:


hmmm…we’re all looking a bit different from each other nowadays…agree? XD




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Afterwards we crashed at Helen’s place, played some Table Tennis, some Pool, and some wii. Her puppy dog Ari was freaakkkyy.. It climbed on me once, and jumped on me another time! It felt like the House of Terror- every time it randomly appears in the room… the house would be full of crazy screaming like there’s no tomorrow. ahahaa…(thanks to Kaz, Mal and I XD) I was fine with her the last time I saw her, but now she scares me again! XD

Fun fun day nevertheless =)