The Japanese Experience

27th February 2008

Dear Chibi,

What does Chibi always look out for when traveling to a new place? The toilets! XD Not so much of where they are, but what they’re like. Sadly, the toilets at the Japan airport weren’t as amazing as the ones in South Korea (the changing toilet seat). They were normal, haha.

tap.jpg dryer.jpg

Here’s the tap where you push down instead of up, and a mini hand dryer.

Of course, the Japanese come up with much more interesting toilets than that. I was very excited to find that the toilets in the hotel are bizarre. I’ve heard about them, but seeing it in action is wacko XD


As you can see above, the Japanese have extra options that go with their toilet =) As Tokyo is a freeeezing place this time of the year (was -2 degrees, max 9) , the seats are all heated~ ahh. hehe. The moment you sit on the seat, water starts filling up inside, and it says “preparation”- it makes you wonder what it’s preparing, lol. Well, once it reaches a certain level it stops. After doing your business, you flush it, of course. But, tis’ not the end! It can wash your butt for you XD Clicking on the extras, a little pipe comes out and starts spraying water- different options for male and female. Then it can also blow dry it for you. Aren’t the Japanese living a great life? You just sit there and everything does the work for you ^^;;; Might I just add I don’t think I wanna touch those options again! hahaha…


During the trip, I also found other interesting toilets. One that particularly grabbed my attention was one that made FAKE FLUSH NOISES! LOL. You can even set the volume… I don’t understand why they would need an extra option to make fake flushing noises, without the toilet flushing. My conclusion was if you wanted to pretend you went to the toilet, and didn’t wanna waste water for flushing nothing ^^; I dunno.

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felt like months!

9th December 2006

No, it wasn’t boring, trust me.
Dear Chibi,

Long time no see! hehee..well actually it has only been roughly 2 weeks, but I feel like I was on a holiday for ages! haha. Well, after 8 hours on the plane, I’m back- in one piece (ignore the aching neck and broken bones) Boy, I’ve caught the plane 6 times in 2 weeks!
Australia –> HK —> South Korea (Seoul) —> South Korea (Jeju) —> South Korea (Seoul) —> HK —> Home Sweet Home! lol.

Plane rides are a bit too lengthy- I was happily playing Mah Jong against the computers, winning 8/8 rounds- and then they HAD to just die..and leave me nothing to do except watch TV (which wasn’t too bad, but I want to play Mah Jong- I was winning! :p)

During the first plane ride to HK, I realised:
1) I can’t unscramble words
2) I know nothing about music. history. geography. sport. Trivia totally killed me. XD

“How many players in a BasketBall Team?” < — o.o?

LOL…I have no clue!! Don’t kill me.

Now, I should keep this short since I don’t wanna bore you to tears about how much fun it was for me (while you were at home =p)- BUT, lemme just..say some stuff. yeh? thanks ^_^ Okies, lemme continue typing.

Some weird (and annoying) stuff happened during the second day in HK…

Firstly, Mum’s ring went missing after I (randomly) put it on my finger. Why did I do that? It was sitting on the desk and I just happened to be there so I just did. After I tried it on, I took it off and put it back there. It was NO WHERE to be found…

Next, outside on the streets of HK; a Taxi driver literally tried to run us over without hesitation. We stood on the path since a taxi was driving through. He stopped there, indicated to us to walk across- and guess what? The moment we stepped on the road, he drove straight ahead! baka. People were hit by it, and he continued driving. I dodged it, it slightly hit Kaz on the leg. Good thing we had a somewhat fast reaction.

Thirdly, within 10 minutes of walking, Dad’s wallet was pinched.

Did you enjoy those stories? =p I told you I wouldnt just brag about how good my trip was. Oh, and these stories are true by the way, incase you were having doubts.

Time for quick stuff about South Korea =D
1) FREEZING. I thought the Snow Trip earlier in the year was cold..this was MINUS 5 degrees!! It even started snowing time to time. (pretty factor)
2) BEAUTIFUL. South Korea looked really nice. Its also very clean.
3) EXPENSIVE. I bought a cup of instant noodles for 800 WON. Currency was confusing. Stuff in Korea was very expensive; Dad happened to have bought a jacket in HK for 300 HKD, he saw the exact same jacket in Korea for what was worth equivalent to 1000 HKD. *cough*

oh oh, I gotta add that Sunny (one of the Tour guys) look and behave soooo much like Herbert!! So much similarities I keep thinking he’s Herbert instead. XD He was one funny man.
I have so much more to say, but i guess I’ll leave the rest for me to actually say, hehee. Some photos to share:

Is a kangaroo sitting on my head really necessary…? I did say it was freezing ^^;

Everland (Amusement Park in Seoul)

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