A little farm adventure

8th December 2019

Dear Chibi,

P-chan had his first glimpse of farm animals today :D There was a little petting zoo at Panania Diggers, so we thought it would make for a fun afternoon. There was even a pony! Having a little one gives us an excuse to be a kid all over again. Just one of the many perks of parenthood ^.^

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P-chan’s first Santa sighting & meeting Mrs Claus

30th November 2019

Dear Chibi,

Christmas is just around the corner :D (Holy moly what a year it has been!) As this will be P-chan’s first Christmas, we took him to see Santa today to kick start the holiday spirit. We already have our new Christmas tree set up at home, it’s just missing a few finishing touches ^.^ Oh so exciting.

There he is! XD
Santa smiling for my phone camera ;)

How pretty is the backdrop? *_* We didn’t end up getting photos with him, but it sure was tempting! Should we..or should we not?

Donald and Daisy Duck. Pretty random, but hey I’m not complaining 8D ahahaha. It’s a bit creepy how you can see Daisy’s human arm.

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7 Months Old

25th November 2019

Dear Chibi,

P-chan at 7 months / 30 weeks old

7 months have gone by so quickly. I’m having way too much fun with this gorgeous baby bear..If only I could freeze time and make this period last forever :3

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Michie & Steven’s Wedding

17th November 2019

Dear Chibi,

Today my dear cousin Michie and Steven tied the knot with a beautiful ceremony and lunch reception held at Park Hyatt Sydney. The ceremony took place in a small outdoor area with the iconic Opera House as the backdrop.

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5 Year Wedding Anniversary

16th November 2019

Dear Chibi,

It’s been 5 amazing years since I married this incredible man. I’m so lucky to call him mine :3

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Hubbiana <3

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Chloe’s 1st Birthday Party

4th November 2019

Dear Chibi,

GHIBLIeve it? Chloe is TOTOROly One!

Newway threw a very adorable dress up party for Chloe’s birthday, with all the decorations and details based on Studio Ghibli’s ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. She made all the props, costumes and games herself. So creative!

Chloe's Totoro themed birthday
Totoro bus sign

I love this bus sign!

Chloe's Totoro themed Birthday
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P-chan’s first holiday~ Jervis Bay

3rd November 2019

Dear Chibi,

Ever since having P-chan, I wondered when & where our first family trip would be. With P-chan turning 6 months old, and our 5 year wedding anniversary coming up, now seemed like a pretty good time. An overseas holiday is long overdue, but the idea of bringing a little one seemed a bit daunting. We wanted our first trip to be as relaxing as possible.

We decided to spend 2 nights down south at Jervis Bay. We stopped by Sublime Point lookout in Wollongong for a break and Savannah Cafe in Berry for lunch. P-chan did really well in the car and we arrived at our destination in no time :D

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6 Months Old

25th October 2019

Dear Chibi,

P-chan at 6 months / 26 weeks

Our little super hero is 6 months old today :D In the past month, P-chan had his first taste of solids and is getting stronger (and chubbier) by the day :) His calm and quiet demeanour reminds me of his Daddy, though he definitely looks like Mummy when she was a toddler.

The last 6 months have been some of the best days of my life. I’m so lucky to call him mine :3

P-chan as a newborn / 1 week old.

He’s grown so much…

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Limited Edition Bluray Review

23rd October 2019

Dear Chibi,

IT’S FINALLY HERE! *tears of joy* The fifth and final season of Sailor Moon – Sailor Stars (Part 1) is out in Australia :D As a kid, my sister and I used to rent VHS tapes from our local video store. We watched Sailor Moon in Cantonese and recorded it so we could have a copy at home to watch over and over again. Watching Sailor Moon on repeat was our favourite past time, and Sailor Stars was no doubt my favourite season.

At the time, there was no other way for us to watch the show as Sailor Moon stopped airing on TV after season 2. To have it officially licensed and released in Australia after 2 decades, is a childhood dream come true. Why is this such a big deal? Because for the first time ever, Sailor Stars is available to the English audience (it’s also uncensored and uncut). Not a fan of English dubs? The Bluray and DVDs also contain the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Win-win!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Limited Edition Bluray Set (Madman)
Eternal Sailor Moon graces the front, side and back of the limited edition collector’s box.
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Limited Edition Bluray Set (Madman)
Bluray box cover art
Sailor Pluto is featured on the back of Volume 1

The limited edition box & Bluray case uses some beautiful illustrations by Marco Albiero. I especially love the group shot with all 10 Sailor Guardians <3 This set includes 17 uncut episodes (167-183) on 3 Bluray discs.

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Potluck @Newway’s

14th October 2019

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon at Newway & Alex’s place; munching on delicious food & catching up with everyone. Hubby tried out a new pasta recipe with meatballs. It turned out quite nice, but it probably takes a bit long for a weeknight meal.

In our last group gathering P-chan was only 7 weeks old. This time he was awake to meet everybody ^^ yay.

Thank you Newway & Alex again for being great hosts! :D! It was another wonderful day and plenty of fun for the little ones :) P-chan, Mikayla and Chloe were all pretty exhausted by the end. Little P-chan even collapsed in my arm XD.

Can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully Troy can make it then :)