Mother’s Day Family Time

15th May 2017

Dear Chibi,

Mother's Day

Shopping @ Macquarie Center followed by dinner @ Andiamo Trattoria :)

Mother's Day

Hubby’s 30th Birthday Sushi Challenge!

14th May 2017

Dear Chibi,

Last Thursday Hubby officially joined the 30s club! I asked him how he felt about it, and his response was basically “I felt 30 when I turned 29” XD Well Mr Felt-like-30-for-awhile, time to make you feel like a kid again :D For his birthday, Hubby wanted to do something simple & relatively low key. He also likes to watch strangers eat massive amounts of food on Youtube. So what better excuse to do something crazy & fun like eating a whole platter of sushi and filming it? 8D

We ordered this party platter from our local Japanese restaurant, which is a combination of rolls & nigiri. It has 45 pieces for 4-6 people. Now don’t let these pictures fool you, it’s a lot bigger (and heavier) than it appears! We didn’t expect much from this place, but holy moly was this good :O! Everything was so fresh! I had one of each sushi and was basically done after 11 pieces XD Hubby soldiered on bravely :’D

Watch Hubby demolish this platter in this fun short video:

Annnd…..MISSION COMPLETE!! Poor Hubby had crazy food coma afterwards lol

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Impromptu Friday Catch-Up

6th May 2017

Dear Chibi,

Friday Night Dinner

Pre-dinner drinks @The Barvarian followed by dinner with these fabulous ppl @The Muglan :)

Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 (Limited Edition) Review

30th April 2017

See my review of Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 Limited Edition.

Dear Chibi,

Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 (Madman release)

Guess what? Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 is finally here!! :D I was super excited to find it in the mail (thank you Madman!) and proceeded to quickly unbox it like a child during Christmas. Except when I finally held it in my hand, my first thought was ‘Wait.. what is this?’ I swear all the promo pictures had the box looking white, but when I held it in my hand the box looked gold! Thankfully, it’s not actually white but a slight beige/gold because I wasn’t a fan of the white. This looks a lot prettier in person than it did in the pictures :)

Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 & 2 (Madman release)

Wow…so pretty and shiny *_*

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Reaching level 37

23rd April 2017

Dear Chibi,

I’ve recently reached level 37 (while Hubby’s at 38!) Level 38 is the cap for powering-up, so anything beyond that is just for bragging rights.

Level 37 Pokemon Go

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Friday Night Movie~ A Silent Voice

22nd April 2017

Dear Chibi,
Thanks to Madman, I scored a double pass to see ‘A Silent Voice’ with Hubby last night. I had entered a Twitter competition, and was lucky enough to be a winner. Sweeeeet :)

A Silent Voice Movie Pass Madman Competition

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Seeing the Sunrise

16th April 2017

Dear Chibi,

For our 10 year anniversary, Hubby and I got up nice and early to watch the sunrise together :3 We’ve never actually done this before with just the two of us (sounds crazy, right?) This just shows that no matter how long you’ve been with someone, there’s always new experiences and beautiful memories to be made. So much is waiting for us :)

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A Decade Together

15th April 2017

Dear Chibi,

Today marks my 10 years with Hubby.

We started dating back in 2007 when I was 19. We met during the first week of Uni and I still remember what he wore down to the details on his shoes. What was that feeling? There was something about him that I was instantly attracted to. Was it that serious face he had? Or perhaps the crazy spiky hair? I don’t know. All I know was that I always wanted to be near him. Sometimes we didn’t even talk. We never called each other by our names either. It was usually a casual “wai”, but I liked it. I always looked forward to our little interactions each day. We were friends in the same CoFA group for 2 years, and I tried so hard to pretend I wasn’t interested in him. I guess I was scared he didn’t feel the same way about me. Yet, he was my confidant. I wanted to share everything with him…

When he finally asked me out, my heart was racing so fast I could hardly breathe. I said to the guy I was crushing on for 2 years “I’ll think about it…”.

HAH. I am so weird sometimes :’D

I’ve always been serious about relationships, and I knew that if I was going to date someone, it had to be someone really special~ Someone I can see myself spending the rest of my life with. Who knew the 19 year old me had such an amazing judgement? ;D 8 years later, I married him. He’s been my man for 10 years.

Thank you Hubby for loving me for who I am.
Thank you for staying by my side and always being the one I can lean on.
Thank you for making me a better person. I’ve leveled-up so much because of you.
You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I love you~ today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives. I promise.

10 years

Happy Anniversary <3

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Seeing Gus Fring @ Los Pollos Hermanos Sydney Pop-Up

11th April 2017

Dear Chibi,

Today I got to see Giancarlo Esposito in person, or better known as Gus Fring from ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘Better Call Saul’ :D To promote Better Call Saul season 3, Potts Point’s ‘Thirsty Bird’ chicken shop was transformed into the fictional ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ and Gus himself would be there to open the shop. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Los Pollos Hermanos Pop Up

Official photography from Stan

Around 11.45pm, my workmate and I both snuck out of the office to catch a train to Kings Cross. As expected, the pop-up store drew a large crowd and the queue was huggggeeee. First 700 people got free fried chicken, curly fries and a drink. That’s pretty sweet, but since it was a work day and all… it just wasn’t possible for us to line up ^^” So instead, we opted to stand around the entrance hoping to catch a glimpse of Gus himself~ and of course we did!

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Emily’s Farewell @Baekjung Korean BBQ

10th April 2017

Dear Chibi,

Today Hubby and I went to Emily’s Farewell lunch at Baekjung Korean BBQ in Eastwood. I end up getting to bed around 2am last night, so I woke up feeling exhausted and fatigued. 2am may not seem like much, but when you’re almost 30.. YOU CAN DEFINITELY FEEL IT XD.

We arrived at noon and there wasn’t a table long enough to fit everyone, so Hubby, Marcus and I sat separately. The food was really tasty! I liked the cheese corn and the salad the most… Okay, okay~ the meat as well X3

We talked all sorts of nerdy things like gaming, anime & the NBA 8D (Durant is finally back, yay!) With the play-offs just around the corner, things are getting pretty exciting. We’ll see how the next few months unfold :O *fingers crossed for a Warriors Championship*

Some photos from the day:

Safe travels Emily!! Hope you have an amazing time in Europe, I’m sure it’ll be a great adventure and you’ll come back with plenty of stories :)