Inviting the Teoh’s ~ Chloe comes to play

20th January 2020

Dear Chibi,

Little P-chan and Chloe meet again :D This time we invited Christine & Peter over to our place for a playdate and lunch. Chloe was overly friendly and grabbed P-chan’s face the moment she saw him. Ah, so cute X333 P-chan was calm and not fazed at all. Just business as usual, I guess lol.

Chloe checking out P-chan’s toys.
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New Years Eve ~ P-chan goes swimming

31st December 2019

Dear Chibi,

Happy New Year! On the final day of 2019, we took P-chan to his Grandma’s house to swim for the first time. He’s always enjoyed bath times, but being in a pool could be a whole different story. This 40 degree heat seemed like a pretty good time to finally make it happen :D

P-chan’s “I’m ready to swim!” pose :D Ah, too cute X3

No tears and plenty of smiles :D P-chan really enjoyed his time with Daddy and even started kicking his little legs. I’m so proud of him for being so calm and brave!

Having a blast.
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Ramsgate Beach

29th December 2019

The days between Christmas and New Years tends to be a bit of a blur @_@”
What day is it again? ;D

Dear Chibi,

On Sunday we headed to Ramsgate RSL for yumcha with the inlaws and extended family. Cindy, Mick and Catalina were in Sydney, so it was a nice little get-together for those who could make it.

After lunch we decided to check out Ramsgate Beach since we were in the area. The heat wasn’t too bad, but the sky was looking pretty yellow again. No, it’s not a filter XD.

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8 Months Old

25th December 2019

Dear Chibi,

P-chan at 8 months / 35 weeks old

Little P-chan turned 8 months old on Christmas. What an amazing year it’s been with this little one. He always makes us so damn happy <3

Handsome like his daddy.
P-chan has outgrown Herongi :’D
Roly poly ~
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Lunch at Teoh’s ~ P-chan meets Chloe

24th December 2019

Dear Chibi,

We finally got to meet Baby Chloe! Christine & Peter invited us over on Monday for us to catch up and meet each other’s babies :D They are so similar in size since Chloe is only 2 weeks older than P-chan. They look so adorable next to each other ^.^

P-chan & Chloe
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A day in Darling Harbour

22nd December 2019

Dear Chibi,

This summer has been rather crazy with all the bushfires and haze… yet we managed to get a rather cool, comfortable Sunday which was a relief.

I headed out to the city in the morning to get my hair cut and coloured for the New Year. I always want it cut, but once it’s cut I want it long again lol. Hopefully P-chan will appreciate less hair poking his face, though he’ll probably still tug at it and try to eat it :’D.

Big Christmas bauble at World Square
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Santa Photos and Family Day Fun!

14th December 2019

Dear Chibi,

This year Kaz wanted us to bring P-chan along to her company’s annual Family Day. It always looked so good in pictures, so I was pretty keen to go (probably more so than P-chan XD)!

The event starts at 3pm so we headed out earlier to Rhodes Waterside to check out the Christmas deco and maybe finally get a photo with Santa ^.^

AND WE DID :D How cool is this GoT inspired chair? So hipster. They gave us free prints as well as a ‘Baby’s Christmas’ book for P-chan :3 Yay!

P-chan’s first Santa photo :D

And just around the corner there were 3 more Christmas themed backdrops for more photos!

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A little farm adventure

8th December 2019

Dear Chibi,

P-chan had his first glimpse of farm animals today :D There was a little petting zoo at Panania Diggers, so we thought it would make for a fun afternoon. There was even a pony! Having a little one gives us an excuse to be a kid all over again. Just one of the many perks of parenthood ^.^

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7 Months Old

25th November 2019

Dear Chibi,

P-chan at 7 months / 30 weeks old

7 months have gone by so quickly. I’m having way too much fun with this gorgeous baby bear..If only I could freeze time and make this period last forever :3

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6 Months Old

25th October 2019

Dear Chibi,

P-chan at 6 months / 26 weeks

Our little super hero is 6 months old today :D In the past month, P-chan had his first taste of solids and is getting stronger (and chubbier) by the day :) His calm and quiet demeanour reminds me of his Daddy, though he definitely looks like Mummy when she was a toddler.

The last 6 months have been some of the best days of my life. I’m so lucky to call him mine :3

P-chan as a newborn / 1 week old.

He’s grown so much…

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