Ramen and Chocolate

3rd June 2017

Dear Chibi,

June is upon us..and so is winter. It always amuses me how much the temperature seems to change the moment a new season hits. I’ve already taken out my jackets, gloves, scarves and electric blanket :’D The only thing left is a beanie and I don’t think there’s much else I can wear on top…

I’ve also caught up with latest Game of Thrones. Thankfully the wait isn’t too long till the new season :D I didn’t think I would be watching this, but here I am… 6 seasons in and excited for what’s next! In the meantime, we’re back to watching Better Call Saul season 3. Gus is here!!

Ippudo Ramen

Tonight I caught up with my Tee Buddies Roy and Robbie @Ippudo for dinner. The pork bun was delish~

Max Brenner

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Lights in the Neighbourhood

24th December 2016

Dear Chibi,

It’s finally the holidays!! Last night Hubby and I took a stroll around our neighbourhood to admire the Christmas lights people have set up. Although this house isn’t as epic as the one in Hurstville, I think it’s pretty impressive :O

I love how much effort put into these things~

Just Hubby and our Cat

17th December 2016

Dear Chibi,

There’s something super adorable about this photo. Not sure if it’s because Champy looks so cute, or because Hubby’s hugging him like a toy :3

I’d say it’s probably both.

Happy joys of a cat owner :’D

Our little Lion Champy

16th December 2016

Dear Chibi,

Awww~ Isn’t he adorable? :D

Hunter Champy!

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November recent happenings

27th November 2016

Dear Chibi,


It’s been two weeks since I started at my new job, and I’m settling in well :3 This is a pic of my new office taken one night when everyone had gone home :’D  I’ll be getting a fancy brand new MacBook Pro soon. YAY!


This is Iggy the doggy :D A workmate brought him in for a day. I think every company needs a dog. They are so adorable and happy :D

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21st November 2016

Dear Chibi,

I saw her on the news today. My childhood friend who vanished one morning on her way to school back in 1998. It’s been 18 years. She would have been 30 this year~ maybe even married with kids.

Her birthday was 12th May.
It was easy to remember because it was similar to mine.
We were in the same class in 3-4C. She was one year above me.
I didn’t have many friends, and she was the first person to call me her best friend.
When she moved schools, we wrote letters to each other.
The last letter I ever received from her was in 1998.

I don’t remember much anymore, but I will never forgot her.

Rest in Peace Quanne.

End of one chapter and onto the next!

10th November 2016

Dear Chibi,
Today was my last day at work. It’s been three years, huh? It feels much longer than that. New career path, new environment, new people and new experiences~ Change is always a little bit scary, but I’m gonna give it my best shot :)

Oh, and here’s my farewell card I got today. heh 8D

Farewell Card

Meeting Max & Tifa

30th October 2016

Dear Chibi,

Ever since we had Champy, Kaz was super keen on getting a cat of her own. Kaz and Jia recently adopted two sibling kitties, a grey tabby and a black cat which they named Max & Tifa. Hubby and I got to meet them for the first time yesterday, and they were so cute X3 They are currently 10 weeks old.

Max is a shy little scaredy cat, while Tifa is like the sassy older sister. Except she looks dopey. All. The. Time. XD Just look at those funny face :’D

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Changing my surname

14th July 2016

Dear Chibi,

Over a week ago, I’ve officially taken Hubby’s surname. Most women change it once they get married, and well.. I just took a little bit longer :) I wasn’t quite ready to part with my maiden name, but now I am. It’s something I chose for myself :3

It doesn’t change anything on the Internet of course. Everyone knows my name is Chibi, and surname is Jen ;D

Snuggled on the couch

7th June 2016

Dear Chibi,

The rain has finally cleared. We had some pretty intense weather over the weekend; heck even houses collapsed in Sydney’s Northern Beaches :O Meanwhile I spent most of the time indoors where possible, snuggling on the couch with my little cat on my lap :3 Champy’s been a good boy lately, scratching the carpet less and acting all cute ;D