Cursed Sight is out!

4th August 2015

Dear Chibi,

Today is my second day at home trying to recover from the flu *sigh*. Nasty stuff. It’s been rather boring the past day as I couldn’t do anything but sleep. I tried to play LoL but that just made me want to puke :P Luckily for me, Marcus/InvertMouse’s new game “Cursed Sight” got released today so I took this opportunity to check it out :) With a bowl of congee in hand, I entered the land of Taria, and all its pretty visuals *_* The setting reminds me of Ancient China which I love (due to my liking of wuxia genres)~ though it’s probably more fictional than anything else. There were a lot of ‘westernized’ elements in it, like the character having bacon and eggs, foods not typical of the Chinese.. but whatever XD. The main thing is… Cursed Sight is pretty good! I end up playing through the whole thing (and seeing all 4 possible endings) in one go, a bit under 5 hours. Best 5 hours spent today, woo!


I really enjoyed the story & script. There were some really sad moments (I cried twice) and some crazy plot twists @.@ Each of the 4 endings were drastically different (some kinda creepy >.<). I thought the art and music were both really well done and added a lot to it. I normally dislike reading novels (sad fact.. I know), but I got through this one easily. I’m happy to say, my first Visual Novel experience has been a good one :) yaaay~


I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone, so do check it out yourself :D You can get it from Steam or check out his webpage for more info.


Chibi Doll~ Rikku. Final Fantasy X girls set complete!

3rd August 2015

Dear Chibi,

Final fantasy X Rikku Chibi Doll

And here is the Rikku Chibi Doll :) I hope you like it! I’m actually sick at home today with the flu :( NooOOOO. I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN RIGHT NOW : < *sob* Guess I’ll take some panadol and have a rest…

Final Fantasy X Chibi Dolls Yuna, Rikku and Lulu

In the meantime.. enjoy these cuties :D!



Chibi Doll~ Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

2nd August 2015

Dear Chibi,

Chibi Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

So I end up drawing Yuna today :) What a pretty outfit. Now I just need to make a Rikku doll to complete the girls set!

Chibi Doll~ Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

1st August 2015

Dear Chibi,

Final Fantasy X - Chibi Lulu

Just felt like drawing Lulu :D Not sure if I’ll draw the other characters..maybe one day :)

Final Fantasy X.

1st August 2015

Dear Chibi,

I recently finished playing the main story of FFX (PS4 remastered version) and have been feeling a little empty inside… THIS GAME SO SAD AND BEAUTIFUL AND TRAGIC. AHHHHHHH.. Just wonderful. I love the main characters so much… Yuna, Tidus, Auron, Lulu, Calamari (ohoho), Wakka and Rikku. I loved seeing Yuna and Tidus gradually fall for each other, but I also loveeeeeeed Lulu and Wakka’s interaction. It was intriguing, which lead me to constantly talk to Lulu throughout the game. I didn’t know about the game’s hidden ‘affection’ mechanics, which slightly changes certain scenes in the game, depending on which character ‘likes’ you the most through your actions. It goes without saying, Lulu end up with the highest affection score so Tidus gets a ride with her, and she’s the one passing the Blitz Ball to Tidus during his limit break 8D. hehee, that’s kinda cool… though WOULD YUNA NOT BE MORE APPROPRIATE? XP


Yuna’s sending. OMG Yuna is perfection :’)



And yes.. I squealed like a 13 year old fan-girl watching the kiss scene >w<

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My LoL adventures

17th May 2015

Dear Chibi,

I’ve recently started playing League of Legends for the last 2 months, and it’s turning out pretty fun :) I don’t particularly like trying out new things, especially when it comes to games. I’m the type of girl who likes to stick to what she’s familiar with and love that over and over. So when cBsM asked me to play, I was super reluctant. I just wanted to play StarCraft2. Fast forward a few months and here I am maxed at level 30 and soon to enter the world of “ranked games” 8D I say “soon” because I’m still not legible until I own 16 champions. So far, I’ve only been playing “Annie” exclusively.



Doesn’t she look so cute? :3

I guess I’ll see how I go… ^^” Maybe it’ll happen one day..maybe it won’t. Time shall tell!



Mission Room Escaped!

4th January 2015

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday cBsM did our first room escape adventure with Mission Room Escape! For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a real life simulation of a computer game, where you’re locked in a room and try to escape by finding clues and solving mysteries within a time limit. We chose the ‘Vampire’s Castle’ theme and it was heaps spooky and fun! I was really impressed by how high tech it was. The game itself was pretty challenging, but we made it out alive! We end up using one tip (you have 3 life lines) but it was a bit silly since that clue was really obvious XD. I won’t write about the actual room(s) since I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone else who wants to experience it themselves.




Would totally do again in a different room/theme :3 There’s really no point doing the same room twice since you know all the answers ^^”


Graffiti Wall

16th February 2014

Dear Chibi,

Oooo.. remember back in the day when Facbeook “Graffiti Walls” were popular? I managed to dig these out and decided to share them here. What memories :3

For Me

Roll from Markos

Chun Li from Kaz [Read More]

Final Fantasy XIV

29th September 2013

Dear Chibi,

Recently cBsM got me FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn as a gift, so I’ve been playing this over the last week or so (yay for 30 day free subscription!).  It’s my first MMORPG so the concept is pretty new to me. I also had a difficult time learning how to move my character around but luckily I’m getting the hang of it!  So far it’s been quite enjoyable~ but I’m mostly excited about the battles rather than the actual story/plot ^^” The visuals are pretty amazing and I love the battle music!




My character, Yui Moon~ A conjurer :D

Eternal Pain ~ A new fast paced iOS action jumping game

17th September 2013

Dear Chibi,

My bro recently released his first iOS game titled “Eternal Pain“, a fast paced action jumping game now available for free download at the iPhone App Store :D

Download Eternal Pain for free

Every second counts when you’re hovering over a pit of lava where the only other option is a sizzling platform. Can you survive long enough to escape this vicious cycle even if it’s only for a little while until you get dropped in again?

He started this game early 2011 and has been working on it during his spare time since. It’s a huge milestone for him to finally get this out, so please consider downloading it and having a play :D I’m sure he would really appreciate any support and feedback he could get.

I’ve had a play with it myself and it’s got a lot of fun game-play elements. I’m sure you’ll be entertained :)

You can find out more on his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for future updates.