Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 Bluray: Set Complete

12th June 2021

Dear Chibi,

After a long 1.5 year wait, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 has finally landed in Australia. It took almost 6 years to release the entire set.. but here we are, all 200 episodes on bluray and DVD formats! You can read my review on Part 1 here.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 featuring Eternal Sailor Moon on the cover
Super Sailor Saturn is featured on the back of volume 2.
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Chloe’s 1st Birthday Party

4th November 2019

Dear Chibi,

GHIBLIeve it? Chloe is TOTOROly One!

Newway threw a very adorable dress up party for Chloe’s birthday, with all the decorations and details based on Studio Ghibli’s ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. She made all the props, costumes and games herself. So creative!

Chloe's Totoro themed birthday
Totoro bus sign

I love this bus sign!

Chloe's Totoro themed Birthday
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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Limited Edition Bluray Review

23rd October 2019

Dear Chibi,

IT’S FINALLY HERE! *tears of joy* The fifth and final season of Sailor Moon – Sailor Stars (Part 1) is out in Australia :D As a kid, my sister and I used to rent VHS tapes from our local video store. We watched Sailor Moon in Cantonese and recorded it so we could have a copy at home to watch over and over again. Watching Sailor Moon on repeat was our favourite past time, and Sailor Stars was no doubt my favourite season.

At the time, there was no other way for us to watch the show as Sailor Moon stopped airing on TV after season 2. To have it officially licensed and released in Australia after 2 decades, is a childhood dream come true. Why is this such a big deal? Because for the first time ever, Sailor Stars is available to the English audience (it’s also uncensored and uncut). Not a fan of English dubs? The Bluray and DVDs also contain the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Win-win!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Limited Edition Bluray Set (Madman)
Eternal Sailor Moon graces the front, side and back of the limited edition collector’s box.
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Limited Edition Bluray Set (Madman)
Bluray box cover art
Sailor Pluto is featured on the back of Volume 1

The limited edition box & Bluray case uses some beautiful illustrations by Marco Albiero. I especially love the group shot with all 10 Sailor Guardians <3 This set includes 17 uncut episodes (167-183) on 3 Bluray discs.

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Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 Bluray Unboxed

12th April 2019

Review on: Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1

Dear Chibi,

Now that I’m officially on maternity leave, I’ve got some time to sit down and enjoy some Sailor Moon SuperS! Part 2 got released in Australia back in February and covers episode 147-166.

Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 Bluray

Here’s the part 2 disc sitting in the Limited Edition Bluray box. Isn’t it lovely how Uranus and Neptune sit in the same box set? ;) 

Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 Bluray

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Sailor Moon S: The Movie Review

3rd January 2019

Dear Chibi,

Sailor Moon S: The Movie finally made it’s way down under to Aussie land last month on Bluray & DVD. Considering Tuxedo Santa makes his debut, it’s kind of fitting for the festive season XD (Though it’s actually summer here! *melts in the heat*)

Sailor Moon S: The Movie Bluray released by Madman

The film is adapted from a side story of the original manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi, The Lover of Princess Kaguya. As a result, it has a very different vibe to the 90’s anime we’re all so used to, as that has deviated quite a bit from the original source. The story focuses on Luna and her relationship with a young astronomer named Kakeru Ozora.

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24th August 2018

Mirari - Double pass

Dear Chibi,

The friendly folks at Madman recently sent me a double pass to see ‘Mirai (Mirai of the Future)’ which came out yesterday. We tend to avoid watching trailers since they usually show the best bits, so Hubby and I went in pretty blindly having no idea what this movie was about. It turned out pretty cute and entertaining : )

I also caught a shiny Sableye on our way home *.* Feeling lucky today!


Sailor Moon SuperS DVD & Bluray Limited Edition Review

1st July 2018

Dear Chibi,

Sailor Moon’s fourth season ‘Sailor Moon SuperS’ tends to get a lot of hate. Too much Chibiusa, no Outer Senshi and way too many filler episodes; these are usually the main arguments I hear. Although I can understand where they’re coming from…I personally really enjoyed SuperS. There, I said it 8D. SuperS is actually not that bad. Chibiusa does a fine job as it’s leading character and I loved watching her relationship with Pegasus slowly grow over the course of the season. It’s so endearing, and rewarding. She also matures and gets heavy character development, and how can that be a bad thing?

The villains are great characters too, especially the Amazon Trio, each with their distinctive personalities and quirks. The slightly crazy, bizarre circus villains makes it ridiculously funny to watch (You can’t take them seriously). Viz Media’s English cast did great job with the voicing and the dialogue (My only issue is them calling Fish Eye, “Fish’s Eye”). All these make for a entertaining watch though, as long as you don’t mind letting the characters do their thing, and the main story unravel in due time.


Quite a few of you have been wondering if it’s worth continuing the DVD sets, or starting anew with the Blurays. Today I’ll be sharing with you side by side comparisons of both products so you can decide for yourself :)

Sailor Moon SuperS

Bluray vs DVD limited edition boxsets. Apart from the DVD box being larger the packaging is basically identical (Crisis Compacts not included ;D)

Sailor Moon SuperS

The cover art always looks so pretty in Madman’s releases :3
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Sailor Moon R and S Limited Edition Bluray Set Review

2nd June 2018

Dear Chibi,

Wow, it’s June already. With Sailor Moon SuperS coming out in a couple of days here in Australia, I thought it’s a good time to get these two sets reviewed!

Sailor Moon R & S Bluray

Sailor Moon R & Sailor Moon S~ Isn’t the design lovely?

Sailor Moon R & S Bluray Sailor Moon R & S Bluray

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