A little about me

Hi there and welcome to ‘Dear Chibi’! If you somehow found your way to this blog, you’re probably a family or friend. Or maybe you know me as Chibi Jennifer, the creator of MoonSticks (a Sailor Moon webcomic series). I love to document my everyday life, sharing our little adventures with my amazing Hubby and our little bundle of joy P-chan.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and don’t be shy to leave a comment~ I love reading those too :).

Name: Chibi Jennifer (Chibi, Chibi Jen, Chibs)
Nationality: Australian
Languages: English & Cantonese
Colours: Pink, yellow and pastels
Pet: Champy our little indoor cat :3
Hobbies: DrawingMoonSticks, blogging, Starcraft 2, cooking
Likes & Interests: Sailor Moon, karaoke, Japan, travel, mahjong and following the Golden State Warriors (NBA)
Games: Pokemon Go, Starcraft, The Legend of Sword and Fairy (Chinese Paladin), Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIV
Food: Japanese & Thai cuisine
Drinks: Calpis water, miso soup, chai latte… anything with condensed milk!
Dislikes: Horror films, insects & bugs, anything scary.

Art Gallery

I really only paint about one picture a year~ so here they are 8D


I run several websites as a hobby. Feel free to check them out below:


MoonSticks: My Sailor Moon comic strips

Chibi Land

Chibi Land: My first Sailor Moon fansite created back in 2000

Lock Heartilly Cosplay

Lock Heartilly Cosplay: Small page devoted to our first Cosplay experience