Darling Harbour water play & a giant Christmas tree

14th December 2021 at 2:42 pm

Dear Chibi,

It’s been such an exciting month full of fun Christmas activities :D

We had a big day out on Saturday, spending most of the time in the city at Darling Harbour. After filling our bellies with delicious burgers and chips from Ume Burger, we headed to the kids playground where we stayed for the next few hours. The best thing about this playground is all the water features and fountains, which was again, a huge hit for P-chan. He had an absolute blast running around touching every fountain and exploring on the rocky surfaces. I loved seeing the sheer delight on his face as he splashed water with his little hands and feet :3 Hubby did an amazing job capturing all these precious little moments <3

So amused *_*
SO sweet <33
My favourite <3
His next favourite thing~ the swings
AWWWWW. My sweet baby.
Afternoon sugar fix at Gloria Jeans :D
P-chan’s first Babyccino
Of course, he wanted our drink too. XD

Around 4pm we headed to Tumbalong Park to check out the Christmas Festival.

P-chan getting his face painted
P-chan enjoyed watching the live bands play as he rested comfortably on Daddy’s lap.

We stayed for over an hour and then headed off to grab some dinner. We didn’t stay long enough to see Santa XD.

It’s been so long since we’ve had dinner at Sushi Hotaru. The food is as good as we remembered (and the restaurant is just as busy!)

P-chan’s had plenty of sushi before, but this was his first sushi train experience ^.^

And finally, we had a stroll along Pitt Street Mall enjoying the canopy of lights while making our way to Martin Place.

Wow. So epic seeing this tree in person. It’s spectacular!! *_*

What an awesome sight to end the night :D

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