Family day out @Symbio Zoo

2nd November 2021 at 2:38 pm

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday P-chan spent a fun day out with his most favourite people~ both sets of grandparents and of course Mummy and Daddy. After such a long time being in lockdown, it was really nice to go out and spend time with family again. We enjoyed a full day at Symbio Zoo, interacting with animals, having a picnic near the kids playground and water fun at the splash park. All in one location! It was our first time coming here and we were really impressed by the cleanliness and spaciousness. It made for a relaxing, low stress experience. P-chan was so keen to explore, he couldn’t stop walking XD. I followed along and captured as many photos my camera battery could handle (It didn’t make it to the end of the day… aw XD)

These koalas were so cute and active! I usually find them sleeping on trees and not doing too much else… These were roaring and running around everywhere. So fun to watch!

Meerkats having a feed.

Oh my, I loved these monkeys (Cotton Top Tamarin).. so interesting looking..and so small!

Into the reptile house

Next stop: Playground!

And time for our picnic. We were able to access our things from the car so we didn’t have to carry everything around with us which is super handy.

My baby pulling the strangest faces when we ask him to ‘smile’ XDDD

Ah, so much more natural in candid shots <3

We weren’t planning to come to the splash park until after seeing all the animals, but P-chan had a glimpse and was keen! So into his swimmers and off he goes :D

So many smiles <3333


And my camera died shortly after. I may have gone overboard at the splash park because P-chan was laughing and smiling non-stop ^.^ I can’t help it :’D

We spent another few hours exploring the rest of the zoo, which consisted of red pandas, ring tailed lemurs, the bird aviary and lots of farm animals. There were supposed to be cheetahs as well, but all I found was a big empty cage. Maybe they went hiding somewhere. There were a ton of kangaroos chillaxing. So chilled that we seemed invisible to them lol.

An awesome, memorable day :)

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