Mikayla’s 2nd Farm-themed Birthday Party

28th March 2021 at 6:47 pm

~Young Mikayla had a farm, ee i ee i o~

Dear Chibi,

Today we celebrated our dear little Mikayla’s 2nd birthday! Mich & Troy threw her a very adorable farm-themed party with the birthday girl wearing a mini farmers outfit. The crew mostly came in matching flannels and P-chan of course had to come as a piggy :3 Everything was so cute and well thought out. Thank you Mich & Troy for organising such a fun party and having us be part of this day!

Mattie has his eyes on P-chan’s bread.

P-chan watching his food being taken away lol.

The only adult in a cow costume 8D

Time for cake cutting and the birthday song. What an epic cake!

Cake and party bag for P-chan

And of course, more playground fun!

P-chan also enjoyed playing with these animal figurines. He liked the ducks in particular :)

Happy Birthday Mikayla! Hope you had an amazing day <3

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