A Birthday at Rossmore Farm

2nd November 2020 at 2:52 pm

Dear Chibi,

On Sunday my Father-in-law threw a ‘surprise’ party for my Mother-in-law’s 59th birthday at a farm in Rossmore. There were alpacas, sheep, chickens, and ponies.. plenty of entertainment for the little ones ^.^ The weather wasn’t the best.. it was raining on and off, and it got quite windy at times, but the sun did come out and we managed to have an all-round good time :) There was also a stage for karaoke in the dining area, which the older uncles and aunties enthusiastically occupied XD.

Happy Birthday to my MIL. Hope she had a wonderful day :)

4 Responses to “A Birthday at Rossmore Farm”

  1. kaz says:

    Very cool!! Lots of cute animals! haha

  2. Sisiely says:

    I can’t tell from everyone’s wardrobe whether it was a hot or cold day. hahah but very nice party !

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