P-chan’s Adventure Park Fun

16th August 2020 at 6:36 pm

Dear Chibi,

Look at this smile ^.^ <333

It was our first time at Fairfield Adventure Park, and it was the largest playground P-chan has been to so far. There were many different play areas including Tree Top, an obstacle course and plenty of sand pits. However, I was most impressed by this baby swing, which allowed us to sit and swing facing him at the same time. As you can see… P-chan had a blast (and so did I) :D

It also allowed Hubby to take these kind of close up shots ^.^

He could stay there all day… but onto the next.

Hopping on tyres

And throwing little pebbles..

All fun and games until he tried to eat it. Uh-oh! XD

Let’s go for a walk

And finally, a bit of sand play before heading home for pizza.

What a fun afternoon :) We’ll definitely be back one day!

One Response to “P-chan’s Adventure Park Fun”

  1. Somps says:

    Looks so fun! I’ve been wanting to check out that park too

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