Afternoon Tea @Helen’s

6th July 2020 at 11:05 pm

Dear Chibi,

It’s been 5 long months since we gathered like this. It was so lovely to see everyone again and P-chan had a great time playing with his little friends :3

We originally planned to meet at Bicentennial Park, but due to the chilly weather, Helen offered to host our afternoon tea at her place instead. Thank you Helen & Fong for having us and being awesome hosts :)

Got this one to smile ^.^
Going through Mattie’s toy box (while he sleeps in the back there ^.^)
Time to explore
Afternoon tea snacks (and a birthday cake for Helen). Hubby and I brought homemade mozzarella sticks.
Oh hello cheeky faces
Uh oh, she wants my camera! XD cute. Mikayla getting a little jealous~
Cuddles for both :)
Group photo before heading home. Mattie makes an appearance :D
And..our babies are getting a little whiny. XD

4 Responses to “Afternoon Tea @Helen’s”

  1. Troy says:

    You got some great photos Jen! was great to catch up with everyone for cake

  2. Michelle says:

    Great photos Jen! It was so great catching up with you all xx

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