Our Birthday Month

22nd May 2020 at 10:15 pm

Dear Chibi,

This month Hubby and I both turned a year older. I’ve sort of stopped counting after turning 30. 31..32..33..all the same-same right? XD This year felt a little different… not just because of the pandemic and being in isolation, but we now have a little toddler reminding us just how fast time flies.

Hubby’s Birthday

We celebrated Hubby’s birthday with a lot of burritos…and a lot of pizza (at his request). There was so much burritos we had to do this over 2 days, BECAUSE WHO CAN EAT THAT MANY BURRITOS AND PIZZA IN ONE DAY? That’s okay, lucky Hubby gets to enjoy his birthday for longer 8D

My Birthday

Playing peek-a-boo with Mummy
A whole sushi & nigiri platter to ourselves :D
P-chan is very amused ^o^
Nutella Gelato Cake from Bannos. OMG SO RICH & DELICIOUS *O* YUMMM!
Ok, can I eat this whole thing myself? : >

I had an amazing day with my favourite boys <3 Thank you Hubby for making me feel like a queen. I am one lucky lucky woman ^.^

Same day a year ago…

This time last year we also celebrated our birthday at home during a 30 day postpartum confinement. Look at how tiny little P-chan was back then :3

Ah… such sweet memories :3

8 Responses to “Our Birthday Month”

  1. MZ says:

    So true that counting bdays aren’t as excited when its 30+ something

  2. Sisiely says:

    happy birthday ! ! no pictures of the burritos and pizzas? Hahah

  3. Rayfy says:

    Happy birthday beautiful trio!

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