11 Months Old

25th March 2020 at 9:21 pm

Dear Chibi,

P-chan at 11 months /48 weeks

Happy 11 months to our sweet little angel <3 Although the world is a bit scary and uncertain right now, seeing his adorable little face, flashing his tiny little teeth; never fails to make my day. Thank you little Babian for your warm little cuddles, reassuring Mummy that everything will be okay <3

~clap clap clap~ He makes the biggest smiles :D
Little koala wants to climb
“nom nom..can I eat this too?”
“Mummy..Daddy.. are you awake yet?”
“It’s okay Mummy, I can drive you” ^-^
Backyard play
Bath times are always a hit
Mummy obsessed with sleeping photos ^.^

One month left till he’s officially a toddler~ can I hold onto everything for just a little longer?

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