Rayfy & Steffi get hitched @Cropley House

24th February 2020 at 11:16 pm

Dear Chibi,

When I think of Ray & Steffi, words like ‘cute’, ‘playful’ and ‘adventurous’ come to mind. Maybe it’s Ray’s never-ageing baby face, or his constant desire to learn random facts; he never seems short on energy or ideas. Steffi’s bubbly personality and enthusiasm for whatever Ray throws her way, makes them perfectly suited for each other. I’m so happy the two are finally tying the knot. In the words of Ray.. “IT’S PARTAAY TIME” :D

The little ones~ Baby P-chan and Dante meet again :3
My favourites <3
A wild Marcus appears!
All smiles for the excited groom. Looking snazzy Rayfy!
Seated and ready to go…
..when the VIPs arrive…. *cough* XDDD
Here comes the gorgeous bride!
Exchanging heartfelt vows~
Hooray! Officially Mr & Mrs
P-chan enjoying cuddles before the wedding reception.
Adorable little bib ^.^

Congratulations again to Rayfy & Steffi! What a joyous occasion :D Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and adventures.

6 Responses to “Rayfy & Steffi get hitched @Cropley House”

  1. Steffi says:

    Thanks Jen for your kind words! :) And for celebrating with us! Glad to see you have a fun time too <3

  2. Rayfy says:

    Thanks Jen! Such a nice write up, and some incredible photos. Loved to hit you up for them soon.

  3. Rayfy says:

    Lol at VIP comment

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