Inviting the Teoh’s ~ Chloe comes to play

20th January 2020 at 9:10 pm

Dear Chibi,

Little P-chan and Chloe meet again :D This time we invited Christine & Peter over to our place for a playdate and lunch. Chloe was overly friendly and grabbed P-chan’s face the moment she saw him. Ah, so cute X333 P-chan was calm and not fazed at all. Just business as usual, I guess lol.

Chloe checking out P-chan’s toys.
Trying to get Chloe to let go again XD P-chan looks so small here (even though he’s actually larger than her)
We had Portuguese chicken and chicken avocado celery salad for lunch. Mmm garlic sauce.
Cheeky smile :>
P-chan passed out after another big day

Thanks again for a lovely fun afternoon ^.^ Hope they get to play again soon.

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