Lunch at Teoh’s ~ P-chan meets Chloe

24th December 2019 at 12:38 pm

Dear Chibi,

We finally got to meet Baby Chloe! Christine & Peter invited us over on Monday for us to catch up and meet each other’s babies :D They are so similar in size since Chloe is only 2 weeks older than P-chan. They look so adorable next to each other ^.^

P-chan & Chloe
Looks like there’s some rivalry going on here… XDDD
Chloe trying to climb on me (and take my camera lol)
Pizza and chicken for lunch.
Chloe showing signs of jealousy?!
Yup. hahaha so cute!
Daddy needs to intervene. lol
P-chan trying out all of Chloe’s seats XDDD

Thanks so much to Christine & Peter for having us over and for the meal. We had lots of fun and I’m sure the bubs did too ^.^ Hopefully we can have a reunion soon with Hannah, Anthony and Baby Liam. *fingers crossed*

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