A day in Darling Harbour

22nd December 2019 at 6:48 pm

Dear Chibi,

This summer has been rather crazy with all the bushfires and haze… yet we managed to get a rather cool, comfortable Sunday which was a relief.

I headed out to the city in the morning to get my hair cut and coloured for the New Year. I always want it cut, but once it’s cut I want it long again lol. Hopefully P-chan will appreciate less hair poking his face, though he’ll probably still tug at it and try to eat it :’D.

Big Christmas bauble at World Square

After my hair appointment, I met up with Hubby and P-chan at World Square. It’s only been 3 hours and I miss my baby already :3

We headed to Tontaro Honten for lunch.

First time trying this place out and the food was pretty delicious!

Next stop, Darling Harbour!

Another giant bauble 8D

Darling Harbour has changed so much since we were little. Glad this water spiral thingo is still around!

Big present boxes outside the Chinese Garden of Friendship

After another big fun day out, it was time to head home. P-chan always looks so cosy in his pram :3

P-chan enjoying a packed tram ride.

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