Santa Photos and Family Day Fun!

14th December 2019 at 9:13 am

Dear Chibi,

This year Kaz wanted us to bring P-chan along to her company’s annual Family Day. It always looked so good in pictures, so I was pretty keen to go (probably more so than P-chan XD)!

The event starts at 3pm so we headed out earlier to Rhodes Waterside to check out the Christmas deco and maybe finally get a photo with Santa ^.^

AND WE DID :D How cool is this GoT inspired chair? So hipster. They gave us free prints as well as a ‘Baby’s Christmas’ book for P-chan :3 Yay!

P-chan’s first Santa photo :D

And just around the corner there were 3 more Christmas themed backdrops for more photos!

Once we were done, it was time to head back to the office for the main event of the day.

Family Day

This year’s Family Day was super hero themed, so the office was decked out with comic book motifs. There was even a Spiderman and Batman wandering around to entertain the kids.

This Spiderman looks massive :O Hi Kaz 8D

All the little ones attending Family Day got a Christmas present to take home. P-chan’s gift is sitting under our tree :)

I didn’t know there was going to be this much food ^^” We had a pretty big brunch so I wasn’t too hungry. I ended up snacking mostly on the sweets and fruits.

P-chan looking at his options ^.^

The kids will probably love the candy table.

There were a lot of different activities and entertainment including playground areas, balloon twisting, face painting, magic show, kids craft, pottery painting and Santa photos.

This was the most baby friendly area for our little P-chan.

Little Mr Pouty : >
Awwwww :3 His first time in one of these.

We waited a little while, but finally got ourselves a balloon hat! How cute is this little lady bug?

(It does kinda look like a snail XD)
Fairy floss and popcorn? Yes please!
P-chan wants popcorn too.

Santa photo round 2!

Thanks Kaz for inviting us along for a epic afternoon :D I’m sure P-chan will have even more fun as he gets older and can eat all the sweets. Don’t leave this company for the next 10 years, ok? Thanks. HAHAA.

Exhausted after a big day out.

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