P-chan’s first Santa sighting & meeting Mrs Claus

30th November 2019 at 9:58 pm

Dear Chibi,

Christmas is just around the corner :D (Holy moly what a year it has been!) As this will be P-chan’s first Christmas, we took him to see Santa today to kick start the holiday spirit. We already have our new Christmas tree set up at home, it’s just missing a few finishing touches ^.^ Oh so exciting.

There he is! XD
Santa smiling for my phone camera ;)

How pretty is the backdrop? *_* We didn’t end up getting photos with him, but it sure was tempting! Should we..or should we not?

Donald and Daisy Duck. Pretty random, but hey I’m not complaining 8D ahahaha. It’s a bit creepy how you can see Daisy’s human arm.

P-chan got this puppy balloon ^.^

Story time with Mrs Claus. She told us most babies cry when she holds them. Not our boy ^.^”

Chilled as usual…

We had Japanese bento boxes for lunch and finished the day checking out the arcade at Zone Bowling.

Annddd home time :)

2 Responses to “P-chan’s first Santa sighting & meeting Mrs Claus”

  1. Mary says:

    Most kids cry cause Mrs Claus looks more like a witch! lol

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