P-chan’s first holiday~ Jervis Bay

3rd November 2019 at 6:04 pm

Dear Chibi,

Ever since having P-chan, I wondered when & where our first family trip would be. With P-chan turning 6 months old, and our 5 year wedding anniversary coming up, now seemed like a pretty good time. An overseas holiday is long overdue, but the idea of bringing a little one seemed a bit daunting. We wanted our first trip to be as relaxing as possible.

We decided to spend 2 nights down south at Jervis Bay. We stopped by Sublime Point lookout in Wollongong for a break and Savannah Cafe in Berry for lunch. P-chan did really well in the car and we arrived at our destination in no time :D

Sublime Point lookout
Savannah Cafe

Our accomodation was a comfortable, stylish 2-bedroom airbnb apartment with all the amenities we needed for some home cooked meals :)

P-chan slept so well during our stay, just like he normally does at home. I guess the new environment made no difference to him XD I worried for no reason ^^”

Who needs a portacot when you’ve got a bed this big? ;D

Hyams Beach

P-chan’s first time at a beach, and it’s the beautiful Hyams beach. Lucky him! It was quite a windy afternoon though, something he’s definitely not used to. I think P-chan just wanted to bury his head in our chest and snuggle under a warm blanket :3

A very excited chef ;D
Making steak and salad for dinner :D

Booderee National Park

We spent the next day doing some exploring at Booderee National Park. The great thing about coming here on a Monday is avoiding the busy crowd. It made for an overall relaxing experience. We didn’t end up walking too far since it was time for bub’s nap. We popped him back into the pram and prepared some food for our bellies.

We made use of the BBQ facilities and cooked some sausages and onions to go with our bread. Yum!

Lots of pretty lorikeets & parrots at the park
Wide awake after his nap and ready for the beach!

Iluka Beach

Hubby set up our beach tent and we migrated all our things there. The beaches here are so pretty and the waves so calm. The sand is so white it’s almost blinding!

P-chan enjoyed his time lying on the play mat, but he struggled to fall asleep when it was time for his next nap. I think he was a bit too excited ^^” We end up having to use the pram again, and decided it was time for BBQ round 2!

You can see our tent in the background.
mmmm yummy.

Finally when the sun was less harsh, we ventured out for some time on the sand.

Hubian, Wifian + P-chan 2019 :3

And just like that, it was time for us to say good bye. Happy 6 months to my precious baby boy. I look forward to more family adventures in the future :D Thank you Hubby for all the beautiful photos and memories <3

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  1. Michelle says:

    Love it! Beautiful photos, beautiful memories

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