3 Months of Motherhood

25th July 2019 at 10:35 pm

Dear Chibi,

P-chan at 3 months / 13 weeks :D

Baby P-chan is 3 months today :D No longer a newborn, he’s fitting snugly in a size 000 and already rolling from tummy to back. I’m so proud of the way he’s been lifting his head lately. He’s been working hard! He’s also more and more giggly, making cute happy noises at 4am in the morning. He’s really chatty sometimes. I find myself watching and smiling back, even though I should be getting some sleep ^^”.

It feels surreal looking back at early photos.. he’s changed and grown so much without us realising. His facial features are more defined and he’s put on a little more weight (though we can’t decide who he looks like more).

He’s been such a good boy that I’ve almost forgotten how tough those early weeks were.

In his cot for the night
In his bassinet during the day
In bed with us :3
<3 My favourite boys
P-chan’s favourite tummy time.
Happy face :D
P-chan loves going out.
Curious of new his surroundings.

Ah little Babian, I love him so much.

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