Lunch at Helen’s ~ P-chan’s first outing

15th June 2019 at 9:35 pm

Dear Chibi,

P-chan had his first outing today at 7 weeks (+ 2 days) :D Helen & Fong organised lunch at their place and boy was it a full house. Suddenly there’s so many babies! Chloe has grown so much, and we finally got to meet Baby Mikayla. So many cuties (Ari included) ^.^!

Ohhh this looks good!! mmmm!

When we arrived, it was almost time for P-chan’s feed. Being parents, it’s now our duty to make sure our bubs are fed before ourselves. I guess the roast just has to wait… ^^”

P-chan looking pretty satisfied with his full stomach : >

Since it was our first proper outing, we weren’t sure how well behaved he would be. We imagined him being fussy and needing us to settle him. Luckily he was on his best behaviour :)

Awww :3 Look at him.. so snug in his bassinet. P-chan spent most of the time asleep until we woke up him up for the group photo. It’s okay, he can play with the girls next time XD

Mikayla and her giggles :D

I stole Chloe. Can I keep her?

Such a happy energetic bub!

Yummy homemade cakes for dessert. Oh so good.

Mikayla joins P-chan for a snooze…

Or not. XD

This one doesn’t need to sleep :P

Thanks Helen & Fong for hosting such an awesome lunch! It was really good seeing everyone and bringing P-chan out. Looking forward to the next one :)

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