Oh so delish…Hainanese chicken rice

3rd March 2019 at 12:45 pm

Dear Chibi,

Over the last couple of months, I discovered the amazingness of Hainanese chicken rice :O I mean, it’s not like I never knew this dish existed… I just never gave it much thought, you know?

It kind of all started with this meal at David’s Kitchen back in September last year. Not the rice variety, since I felt like having noodle soup.

27th Sep 2018 @ David’s Kitchen, Sydney

I was surprised by how tasty this was! The chicken is just so juicy and tender. Then again, Hubby knows I’m a bit obsessed with plain o’ Soy Chicken Noodle Soup, so I guess this shouldn’t be too out of the ordinary?

2nd Nov 2018 @ Ho Jiak, Haymarket

In November, I decided to try it at another restaurant just to compare. This was from a Malaysian restaurant opposite Market City. Again, very yummy… but portion size was disappointing. This didn’t fill me up at all (and cost more) XD. More quantity please.

17th Jan 2019 @ Madame Nhu, Surry Hills

I’m not sure if the above is considered Hainanese Chicken since this is a Vietnamese eatery, but it sounded kinda similar XD Portion size was decent, but I prefer actual Hainanese Chicken. I’m still thinking about the one I had from David’s Kitchen….

5th Feb 2019 @David’s Kitchen, Sydney

YES. BACK HERE AGAIN! But with the actual rice variety. I didn’t realise that the rice was infused with the chicken flavour which is why it tasted so damn good. I’ve come back here several times and the quality & size is always consistent. I’m always one happy customer :D

28 Feb 2019 @Spice Alley, Chippendale

Most recently, I ordered the above from a Malaysian stall in Spice Alley during a catch up with Sarah. I quite enjoyed it and the sauce is slightly different (I think it’s a sweet soy sauce?) I would have liked more salads and more soup. I didn’t like that they only accepted card payment and it had a surcharge :P Value wise, David’s Kitchen still wins. XD

I wonder when I’ll finally get bored of this dish? ehehehee.

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