Harajuku Gyoza & Kids Playtime

5th January 2019 at 1:08 pm

Dear Chibi,

Oh wow, this summer heat has been intense @.@”

Yesterday Hubby and I spent the afternoon with Mary, Ken & their two little cuties at Darling Harbour for some gyoza and matcha dessert.

Harajuku Gyoza, Darling Harbour
My favourite was the poached chicken lemongrass with ponzu sauce (in the bowl). mmm. The long fries was also interesting!
Takoyaki gyoza :O

After lunch the kids went to play in the water area and park. Hubby got some pretty good shots.

After the kids had their fun, we stopped at Matcha-Ya for some green tea dessert.

Gah. Too cute X3
This pic melts my heart <3

Never grow up little ones :3

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