Newway’s Baby Shower

15th October 2018 at 7:53 pm

Guess who’s having a baby?! :D

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday was our little Newway’s Baby Shower which was held at Village Green BBQ Area in Breakfast Point. I recognized quite a few faces from her Bachelorette party from a year ago. Hello again!

Despite it being wet all week long, it remained dry for the entire duration of the party. Super windy, but I’d take that over rain any day ^^”

This venue is pretty neat and clean. I was totally imagining a shared BBQ area like Bicentennial Park or something. So cool! Nice decorations too.

Table of gifts. I took this photo when I had just arrived at the beginning but it was eventually overflowing with nappies and huge parcels.

We had to guess the baby’s gender. I think the majority chose boy. I bet on a girl ;) (Just a hunch) We shall see in a month’s time.

Prizes for 6 different games, and one Jellybean guessing competition. I guessed 2000. LOL. (Totally off!)

Hahaa such a creative looking pram baby fruit bowl.

And lots of pretty cupcakes…

House keeping rules: Have fun, eat & don’t lose the toilet keys! (*Proceeds to lose the toilet keys* XD)

We had beef burgers for lunch with salad choices from above. The patty was pretty juicy, yum. Nice job on the BBQ.

For those who still get us mixed up.. I’m on the left ;p

After eating, we proceeded to play a couple of games. THEY WERE TOUGH. Quiz about Newway? Fail. Quiz about Alex? Super Fail.

Guess the grand total price of 15 random baby items? WIN. WINNNNN!!!! :DDDDDDDDD


Proudest moment of the year :’D AHAHHAHAA. Oh my god, I’ve never actually shopped for baby things! I AM AMAZING. Just let me brag for 15 seconds, yeah? :D

Next up we had to guess the size of Newway’s belly by cutting the length with a piece of string. Everyone thought she was WAY bigger than she was (though she does look huge)

I think I’m on a roll, BECAUSE I WON AGAIN! Woohooooooooo :D I would claim I’m a master of estimations, except the jellybean count was so off I better not. lol

HAH. Love this shot :D

Thanks to everyone who helped organise such a fun filled day :)

All the best to Newbert & Alex :3 Can’t wait to meet the little one <3

2 Responses to “Newway’s Baby Shower”

  1. Malavika says:

    Finally the blog post lol! It was lovely Newway! And Alex your family did a fab job organising it! Good to see everyone ladies!

  2. Newway says:

    The photo Alex took of just the hands on my belly turned out quite well after i accused him of not including any faces lol.