Saturday Night @Helen’s

29th October 2017 at 12:14 pm

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday we spent the evening at Helen’s new place in Liberty Grove. The area seems pretty nice and it also has a tennis court. Fong managed to play a bit before heading to a bucks, while Jacky & Jia played for another hour or two. The rest of us relaxed with some cheese, olives & crackers back at home.

Oh so good :D

Since Helen isn’t living in an apartment anymore, we got to see cute little Ari again :D The last time I’ve seen her was in 2008. Back then I was still terrified of dogs. It’s nice not being scared of them anymore ^_^

We had a tour of Helen’s beautiful home. Here’s an upstairs area where Helen played ‘Beauty & The Beast’ for us.

We had home made lasagna, pasta & salad for dinner. Yum! Thank you Helen (and Carmen) for preparing everything.

Hubby and I brought along macarons for dessert. We got one of each flavour from a neat little cafe called Cafe Cre Asion in Surry Hills.

Thanks for having us over Helen~ Was a great night (Missed you Mich & Troy!)

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