Catch-Up Dinner @Arisun

21st October 2017 at 8:55 am

Dear Chibi,

It’s been a crazy long week in the office. I’m glad I had a Friday night catch-up to look forward to, even though it was unexpectedly cold and wet. It was so cold I had to get an emergency cardigan since I was only in a tee :’D Worked out in the end at least, heheee.

We decided to have Korean @Arisun in Chinatown. This place always looked busy but I’ve never dined there myself. The food’s not bad, very tasty. We ordered the spicy grilled pork belly, crispy boneless fried chicken and diy seasoned rice balls. I think my favourite were the rice balls. It reminds me of Hubby’s onigiri :3

A souvenir from Roy’s recent holiday in Thailand.

After dinner we continued our chit-chat at Tom N Toms Coffee, the Korean Starbucks XD.

Thanks for the drinks Robbie!¬†Awesome catch-up. There’s always so many fun stories to be heard :D¬† Until next time guys *waves*

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