Somps’ Bachelorette Party

14th August 2017 at 10:01 am

Dear Chibi,

This weekend I was up at the Blue Mountains to celebrate Somp’s Hens! After a 2.5 year long engagement, it’s finally happening in 3 weeks! Where did that time go?

Somps Hens Party

Our favourite Bride To Be~

Let the party begin :D!


We started the day off with High Tea at The Hydro Majestic Hotel located at Medlow Bath. The view of the mountains were spectacular (luckily we were seated near the window!) Everyone came dressed in pretty floral to match the (very loosely Japanese) theme.

We played a “How well do you know the Bride-to-Be?” Quiz, and I have to say I’m pretty embarrassed by my score of 7/15. At least I’m not alone in the failing side XD As expected, Soph scored the highest followed by Erin R (I think everyone failed except them 2?). At least we all learnt a few new oh-so important things about her, like her favourite anime/cartoon is Fumoffu/Love Hina/Daria and her name means Beautiful, teehee!

Before leaving for our accommodation, we dropped by Govetts Leap for some snaps of the mountains :D

The 6 of us stayed in a very cosy cottage in Blackheath. Thanks to the wood fire and gas heating, we were kept warm through the night! If all else fails, there’s always the alcohol ;P

We spent the night relaxing, nibbling on yummies and playing games. Okay, so some of the games weren’t exactly ‘relaxing’ but I had fun laughing at everyone’s expense.

Happy Hens to our gorgeous Sompies :) I hope she had an amazing time and that it was everything she’d wished for.

Let the countdown begin!



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  1. kaz says:

    Lots of pretty photos ^^

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