Birthday at The Grounds

28th May 2017 at 11:30 pm

Dear Chibi,

Today I got to hang out with my sisters at The Grounds of Alexandria. Kat treated Kaz and I to lunch at The Potting Shed~ our last birthday outting for the year. Last time I was here I ordered the cheese burger so I wanted to try something different. I end up going for the ‘Braised Rabbit and Fresh Egg Tagliatelle’..I know, weird choice…. braised rabbit?? Not long after I ordered it, I started to get nervous about the idea. Oh god please taste normal ^^” Well, thankfully it just tasted like braised beef in a tomato base sauce.

After our meal, we browsed around and checked out the markets & farm animals. This place looks amaziiinnggg. The flowers are gorgeous too.

Afterward, we headed to the city for some karaoke followed by chit chatting till the night took over. Thanks again sis for the birthday treat! <3 Always love hanging out with these girls.

4 Responses to “Birthday at The Grounds”

  1. Sisiely says:

    The braised rabbit looks delicious with corn and dill. I don’t think ur hubby eats rabbit….so it was ur chance to try. ^_-

  2. kaz says:

    This place is so pretty *___* love our outings and our karaoke sessions!!

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