Newway’s Hens Party

5th February 2017 at 10:22 am

Dear Chibi,

Our little Newbert is finally getting married. Yesterday was Newway’s Bachelorette Party. When we arrived, we each made our own flower crown which was pretty fun~ except no one knew how to actually make it, and we only had sticky tape to hold it together XD. Nevertheless, some managed to put together some really pretty crowns! I stuck too much tape on mine and it didn’t work out. Oh wells, a few flowers on my head it is :’D

Afterward, we were split into two teams and played “Newway & Alex” Pictionary. Basically all the words were associated with the two of them, as a couple and as individuals. The words seemed to mostly revolve around weddings, a hospital and Google though you get the occasional ‘Lap Dancing’. What’s the story behind THAT Newway?? ;D Of course, there was no competition as our red team won pretty easily, woo! We each got to take home a little gift bag which was pretty cute.

The following couple of hours was spent eating and playing in the pool. I mostly chilled with Mich and Mal at the food table.


Happy Hens Newway! You were so drunk by the end of the night, I’m sure you had an amazing time :) Looking forward to your wedding in 2 weeks :D!

8 Responses to “Newway’s Hens Party”

  1. Malavika says:

    Loved chillin with ya at the food table! See y’all in two weeks!

  2. Fongy says:

    Looks like you girls had a blast. Awesome photos. Looks like the flower crowns turned out just fine, I think the kids even managed without much trouble.
    Newway was goneski by the end of the night lol she she couldn’t even walk.

    • Chibi says:

      haha yup, it was a great evening indeed. The kids had some of the best crowns (but I don’t think they made it themselves ;D)

      Good work on the food too Fong, Helen gave you credit for your cooking ;D

  3. Wow, that looks like a blast! Sounds like you all had fun!

  4. kaz says:

    So much fun with the flower crowns! ;D

    And Bert was so drunk! XD

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