A day of board games & Rouge One

3rd January 2017 at 3:42 pm

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I spent the day hanging out with cBsM at Gary’s place. Gary and Ange finally moved back to Sydney into their new apartment in Hornsby. Closer, but still far for me XD. It took me close to 2 hours to get there by train, but hey I don’t do this often.

Ange had a little herb garden on her balcony, and the variety of stuff she’s growing is actually quite impressive. They’re gonna need a bigger pot (or balcony) in no time ^^”

When Burpy & Buns finally arrived, we went out to Hornsby Westfields for brunch, just a short walk across the road. I got myself a mini burrito since I wasn’t that hungry. This Westfield sort of reminds me of Castle Towers.

After lunch, we headed back to Gary’s for some board games. We played ‘Settlers of Catan’ where the game felt rigged right off the bat XP Burpy and Buns became allies early, so the games skewed heavily in their favour. I end up with the largest army and largest road, but I struggled to seal the deal because I didn’t have resources to build cities ^^” Buns end up victorious followed by Gary/Ange. I was close behind. Burpy came last, even with Buns feeding him resources and advice. Poor Burpy ;D

Afterwards, we played ‘Citadels’, a board game that involves players hiring different characters to help them on their quest. Each character has a special ability, for example the Assassin can kill another character, while the Thief can steal a characters gold. I didn’t have any strategy in mind… kind of just picked up cards and did whatever XD Obviously, I did not win lol.

Rouge One

We left around 4pm to head to Parra for an early dinner before watching Rouge One. I’ve only seen one Star Wars Movie “The Force Awakens” so my knowledge of the franchise is extremely limited. I was told Rouge One could be enjoyed as a standalone, so I hoped for the best XD. Unfortunately, I didn’t really know what was going on. I spent the first hour confused by who was who (I vaguely had an idea who was good and who was evil). The second half of the movie was basically all action and things exploding, which I’m not particularly a huge fan of. So I thought it was okay. I couldn’t really appreciate the film because I didn’t understand any references to anything XD So perhaps this is an unfair review, but it’s just my thoughts.

Good fun seeing everyone again. It’s been a while~


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