Sailor Moon Musical ~Amour Eternal viewing

30th December 2016 at 10:00 am

Dear Chibi,

It’s time for our annual Seramyu viewing again! This year’s performance is titled “Amour Eternal” based on the 4th season known as SuperS/Dream Arc. Fans don’t often quote the 4th season as their favourite, but it’s still enjoyable nevertheless and has a fun group of villains. I’m so glad the Outer Senshi return, because I loved them so much in ‘Un Nouveau Voyage’!

Before we started, I made spaghetti bolognese for lunch and Kat brought along a plate of spinach cob dip! Yum!

Getting ourselves psyched!

Unlike the previous musicals, “Amour Eternal” has an all-new cast for Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi. They gave a decent performance, but I preferred the old cast with Satomi Ookubo. They suited the characters more (appearance wise), and had younger voices which matched their characters. Sailor Moon (played by Hotaru Nomoto) in particular feels really strange to me, especially during her duet with Tuxedo Kamen, where it didn’t sound like Usagi at all @_@ If/when they return for the next musical, hopefully they’ll be more comfortable in their roles… because they do have big shoes to fill!

The Dead Moon Circus were quite entertaining. The Amazon Trio were so outrageously crazy it’s hard not to like them. Their costumes were perfect. Their characters were perfect. They also seemed to have a lot of screen time (maybe even more than the inners?)

Zirconia’s outfit was so creepy it’s great. I can’t believe she and the Amazon Trio interacted with the audience XDDD. They also asked a “foreigner” what their dream was, and he responded “More Sailor Moon Musicals” ahahah. Love it.

Queen Nehellenia’s voice was powerful and spot on. She was fantastic :D

Still, my favourite part was the civilian outer senshi scene XDDD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! Setsuna is so fun to watch and she reminded me of my MoonSticks portrayal of Sailor Pluto. The Outer Senshi cast are perfect in my eyes. Please don’t ever change the cast. I just wish they had more screen time :’D


Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable performance. The plot isn’t as dark or serious as the previous musicals but there’s still plenty of entertainment value. I’m looking forward to the 5th (and final?) musical next year based on “Sailor Stars”~ WOO!! I want to see all the senshi!!

“Amour Eternal” is available for preorder on DVD here. In the meantime you can also enjoy a fansubbed version by Miss Dream. Enjoy!!


2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Musical ~Amour Eternal viewing”

  1. kaz says:

    LOVE Saturn and the Outer senshi! That was my favourite scene too!! :D Wish they had more screentime!!

    Thanks for having us over- always fun to hang with my sisters !