Tropicana Christmas Party

21st December 2016 at 9:26 pm

Dear Chibi,

2 more days til the Christmas break!! :D Yesterday we had our office “Tropicana” themed Christmas Party, which consisted of Kris Kringle and drinks in the office followed by a bus ride to “The Bucket List” at Bondi Beach. I dressed up as a pineapple, I hope you can tell :’D

A passerby blogger also asked for a photo and posted this:

I didn’t have any tropical outfits nor did I want to spend much on one. I decided to go as a pineapple and Hubby made this epic headpiece for me. It got a lot of compliments :D  I wore it all night long, so it got a bit heavy ^^”

I set up my Kris Kringle present today :D It’s very cute! Hopefully there will be a plant by the time I come back from my break.

And…. gifts from our client :D Chocolates galore!!

2 Responses to “Tropicana Christmas Party”

  1. Somps says:

    Love your headpiece! Jacky did an amazing job! :)

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