Meeting Max & Tifa

30th October 2016 at 4:36 pm

Dear Chibi,

Ever since we had Champy, Kaz was super keen on getting a cat of her own. Kaz and Jia recently adopted two sibling kitties, a grey tabby and a black cat which they named Max & Tifa. Hubby and I got to meet them for the first time yesterday, and they were so cute X3 They are currently 10 weeks old.

Max is a shy little scaredy cat, while Tifa is like the sassy older sister. Except she looks dopey. All. The. Time. XD Just look at those funny face :’D

Precious little kitties. They all grow so fast! We never got to meet Champy when he was this young. I’m sure they’ll bring plenty of joy to their lives :D Welcome to the cat-owner club!

Pho dinner

For dinner, we were treated to this home-made pho. YUM! Thanks for having us over guys :D


2 Responses to “Meeting Max & Tifa”

  1. Kaz says:

    Awww thanks for the super cute kitty photos!! ?
    Haha lostie Tifa!!

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