Kat’s 30th Birthday Outting

28th August 2016 at 11:05 pm

Dear Chibi,

Today we hung out with our dear god sister for her 30th birthday last week :D We caught up over lunch at Sushi Tei, which also happens to have a pokestop…so naturally we had one hand throwing pokeballs. Yes, we all play the game. And yes it’s still awesome 8D

Food was delicious. My favourite was the seared scallop sushi (which isn’t pictured D:) and my lychee drink was the best.

After lunch, we headed down towards Capital Square, swiping all those poke stops along the way and even claiming the gym at the Sydney Tower. We spent a few hours singing our hearts out at K Square :D It was pretty hilarious. We walked into a karaoke room, and sat there catching pokemon for the first 10 minutes rather than picking songs to sing XD We were right in between two lure mods so we’re forgiven. *Singing singing singing* A Hitmon Lee!! Wait, no! A Hitmonchan!” Kaz yells. Sometimes the two would be singing the wrong lyrics because they weren’t looking at the TV screen, or they would both go silent thinking the song had ended (but it was still going!)

Oh man, fun times :’D Hope sis had an awesome day ^^Happy Birthday!!

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