Rayfy’s Birthday Lunch @Anema E Core

24th July 2016 at 10:16 pm

Dear Chibi,

To celebrate Rayfy’s 29th birthday, we had lunch in Meadowbank at Anema E Core, for traditional Italian wood-fired pizza! The photos all came out red because we sat outdoors under a red marquee. Luckily it was nicely heated as it was a pretty cold day! The pizza was pretty good, and the staff were super friendly and enthusiastic :D Ray also brought along a delicious Birthday cake~ nomnomnom.

There was a Poke Stop since it was right next to the train station. I’m surprised there isn’t a Poke Gym though :P After cake, we decided to check out the infamous Rhodes Park, known to be the jackpot spot for catching lots of Pokemon! Half the group caught the train there, while the rest of us walked. As we were approaching Rhodes Park, we noticed a lot of people! There were so many cars it would’ve been a nightmare trying to find parking.

Rhodes Park, Pokemon Go Crowd

Holy moly XD

We end up hanging around for about an hour. I caught a few new Pokemon: Kabuto, Machop, Drowzee, Diglett, Charmander, Mankey and Ponyta. They were all pretty low CP though XD

My current stats:

Pokemon GO

Caught: 70 Seen:75

Since I last posted, I’ve started battling at Poke Gyms! It’s been lots of fun :D I haven’t started powering up or evolving my Pokemon yet, so all my highest CP Pokemon were caught as is. Go Go Jen, with her 1 Slowbro and army of Pinsirs…LOL.

We briefly battled at Rhodes Station Gym and defended for Team Valor. This was Hubby’s first gym experience :D I accidentally stole Marcus’s power charger so… more Pokemon hunting for me ;)

I had a great time today~ Hope Rayfy enjoyed himself too. Happy Birthday!

4 Responses to “Rayfy’s Birthday Lunch @Anema E Core”

  1. Rayfy says:

    Had a blast! Thank you!
    And your Slowbi king and army of Pinsirs will dominate soon haha

  2. Kaz says:

    Did you catch your jiggly puff yet??

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