Emily’s Birthday Brunch @ Efendy

17th July 2016 at 7:07 pm

Dear Chibi,

This morning we had brunch at Efendy, a Turkish restaurant in Balmain for Emily’s 29th birthday :) We had the $30 breakfast sample menu which consisted of bread: pita bread, pogaca, sesame simit, walnut and sultana cake and spiced potato borek. It came with a bunch of different jams/honey/spreads served with cheese, olives, sausages and fruit. My favourite? The honey/butter jam..yum! Drinks were a choice between Turkish tea, apple tea and Turkish coffee. I went with the Turkish tea with 2 sugars so it sure felt like a one sweet breakfast. Very good service and friendly staff :)

After brunch, 6 of us stayed behind in Balmain to do a Poke walk! Marcus and MZ both set up a lure module at the Poke Stops. I managed to catch 9 unique ones today: Geodude, Golbat, Shellder, Slowpoke, Tentacool, Rhyhorn, Nidorina, Persian and Seel :D Still no sign of my Jigglypuff…


Just some pics of us mucking around ;p


Hope Emily had a wonderful time today :D Happy Birthday!!


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